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  1. soldier4313

    Audi A4 B7 turbo actuator part number

    Does anyone know the part number for the turbo actuator
  2. soldier4313

    Is it the clutch ?

    So I've just bought the car below back from a work colleague. I owned the car around 4 years ago and it was immaculate and when I found out it was just sat waisting away I offered him £500 for it and he said yes, he has let it sit for around 8 months with what he said is a knackered clutch. I...
  3. soldier4313

    Has my clutch gone?

    So today my b7 2.0tdi 170 fwd lost complete power on the motor way, the aa came and told me the clutch may have gone. when I dip the clutch there is no bite when releasing and I can put the car in all the gears without dipping the clutch with the odd noise sounding like crunching gears but no...
  4. soldier4313

    Best way to add pictures?

    whats the best way to add pictures? I used to use photobucket. Is there a simpler way as I can’t add from my iPhone.
  5. soldier4313

    Aux belt tensioner part number

    Does anyone know the part number for the Aux belt tensioner for my motor. It’s a 52 plate 1.9tdi 130bhp Avant I keep searching but I keep getting different parts. Please help
  6. soldier4313

    Engine wining on turning and full lock....

    When my motor is on idle it’s very clunky but as soon as I give a little accelerator it goes, also when turning (especially full lock) it’s very noisy like a loud rattle. Any ideas?
  7. soldier4313

    Q5 Black optics pack???

    So last year I decided to change my decisions and buy a Skoda Kodiaq, before everyone shoots me down this car is amazing by far the best car I have ever owned apart from one problem the badge!!!! So, I’ve decided to go back to Audi and buy a Q5. I live out on Germany and get my cars tax free...
  8. soldier4313

    New B6 owner

    Back again, I seem to be going back in time with my Audi’s. I’ve just bought a B6 1.9tdi Avant as a run around out here in Germany. Looking through past photos of cars I actually realised I’ve owned pretty much all A4 Avants apart from the B5. Got my little B5 for €100 Euro with 199k on the...
  9. soldier4313

    New car ordered

    So the time has come to get a new car and it's been a tough decision considering my last 7 cars have all been Audi's. So for those that know about being based in Germany we get our cars tax free plus Audi give another 10% discount so 30% discount which is a fair bit. So only having to pay...
  10. soldier4313

    Wheel spacers?

    Anyone tried fitting spacers yet? I have got a pair of H&R 10mm and 15mm and neither fit due to the venture of the hub sticking out to far, a problem I had with my B7. Any one come across any that fit?
  11. soldier4313

    4 months old and it's back at the dealers.

    So today I had to take the motor to the dealers here in Germany after getting the following faults come up. Audi have kept it overnight to try and diagnose the fault!
  12. soldier4313

    KW adjustable spring kit - new out

    So been doing a bit of research into modding the new motor and came across these while out here in Germany after seeing a B8 at my local Audi dealer, not sure if they will be any good but had some KW's on my B7 and couldn't fault them. It's just whether I take the plunge and risk the warranty...
  13. soldier4313

    Any advice on roof bars

    So for my last few Audi's I have always had genuine roof bars but Im interested as to what else is available out there. I have seen a few cars with more aerodynamic looking bars and I'm wondering if anyone has purchased these yet for there car?
  14. soldier4313

    Time to leave the b7 gang

    After months of waiting she has finally arrived so a quick flight over from Germany to Watford Audi and here she is. To top things off sold the B7 for £7k. Have to say I'm amazed by this car.
  15. soldier4313

    Loving the upgrade from b7 to b9

    So today I took delivery of my B9 after parting with my B7 last week. Over my years I've owned numerous new Audis Including a Q3, A3 Sportback and a B8 A4 Avant black edition. I have to say this is he best yet. Best part is being tax free I only paid just over £25k...
  16. soldier4313

    45p a liter for Diesel Ultimate

    Well finally settled in Germany and happy as Larry with the price of fuel. Due to being forces we get tax free fuel so today I paid 22 euro for 40 liters of ultimate diesel. Which is about £18 so about 45p a litre. Looks my car will getting the good stuff. And to top it off I put my car up for...
  17. soldier4313

    New A4 B9 ordered.

    Just ordered my tax free A4 Avant SLine today ready for the new plate in September, so will be coming over to this forum from the B7 which I currently own. Specs are as follows: A4 Avant SLine 2.0Tdi 150ps Ibis white Flat bottom steering wheel Panoramic roof Extended interior light pack...
  18. soldier4313

    12mm rear spacers VS standard wheels = issues!

    Hoping someone can help me here or even has the same problem. Today I decided to refit my 12mm spacers front and rear, I have the a4 b7 avant with standard genuine 18" rs4 style alloys with 235/40/18 tyres and H&R springs. Today after fitting them I noticed that my rear right wheel sticks out...
  19. soldier4313

    TerraClean anyone used it?

    Looking into getting my motor done for the drive back to Germany, has anyone had it done? If so what's your opinions?
  20. soldier4313

    Gloss or Matt Black Sline Badges

    As the title says really, looking to change my sline badges for black ones but really unsure whether to go Gloss or Matt black. Also there are so many on eBay has anyone else bought a decent set they can recommend as I have purchased them before many years back and found the red to fade after a...