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  1. S3 Wannabe

    Days like this just don't come along very often.......

    After reading a few reports of Audi changing coil packs free of charge, I popped into my local dealer earlier this week to see if I qualified. Much to my amazement my luck was in and this morning they changed all 8 including labour free of charge! Champagne in my household tonight, best part of...
  2. S3 Wannabe

    Audi s4 versus ???????? stories.......

    ..... there don't seem to be many or any on here! Is it just me not seeing them, or do we S4 drivers not indulge in that sort of thing? When I had my 8L S3 these sorts of stories would always appear on the other forum and were often quite interesting, -as well as comical! However since...
  3. S3 Wannabe

    Resetting remote window closing?

    Hi guys and galls, Recently disconnected the battery and have reset the one touch window opening via the buttons on the door, however the auto close function via the remote (ie hold down the lock doors button) doesn't work. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! :blush:
  4. S3 Wannabe

    S4 Alternator - can anyone help???

    Hi guys and galls. The alternator has had it on my 53 plate S4 :banghead: and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good place/website to source a replacement?? Any idea of cost and part number would also be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks for any help! :icon_thumright:
  5. S3 Wannabe

    Rear wiper has a mind of it's own! - A4/S4 Avant

    Hi guys and galls, My rear wiper appears to have developed a mind of it's own recently working whenever it likes. It will work when I need it to but never actually seems to be switched off. Is this a motor issues or is their some sort of controller for the motor which has seen better days...
  6. S3 Wannabe

    S4 Avant roof boxes and rails

    Okay ladies and gents, bolt out the of blue this morning -we're expecting our second :wacko::w00t:. Holiday to France next year and a roof box will be required. I'm after some help on what is the best/good value, and also any required fitting tips???? Many thanks!
  7. S3 Wannabe

    Is my alternator on the way out???

    Hello guys and gals! Under hard accelerating the battery light flashes on/off for a brief moment, typically around 4.5K-5.5K. There is no affect on the power and any electrical systems in the car. Does this sound like the alternator may have had it???? If so will this show up on VAGCOM...
  8. S3 Wannabe

    Help with non illuminating Symphony 2!

    Hi ladies and gents! Just fitted an xcarlink to my symphony 2 head unit, works a treat however the lights for the buttons no longer become illuminated when i switch on the cars lights (the LCD readout is fine) and the radio now does not go off when I withddraw the key from the ignition???? I...
  9. S3 Wannabe

    Kufatec mp3 adaptor

    Hi guys, quick question: If I plug this into the back of my Symphony 2 stereo (on an S4) can I still use the CD changer/radio with the mp3 player over riding both when plugged in and switched on????? KUFATEC GmbH - Music Interface Klinke - Mini ISO Audi VW Seat Skoda 36671 Thanks for any help!
  10. S3 Wannabe

    Just bought an S4.......

    Just wanted to say hello to the guys on this side of the forums, just replaced my S3 with a B6 S4 after lots of searching and waiting. Paid less than 10K for a silver 03 plate avant with full service history (mainly Audi), 57K miles, 6 spoke avus alloys, heated black leather with grey...
  11. S3 Wannabe

    Moving on from 8L S3 to S4 (poss tweaked 2.0 T Quattro Sport)

    As the title suggests guys (and girls), looking to up size from my remapped 2002 S3 to preferably a 03/04 S4. I was wondering if anybody else had made the change (or from something similar) and what their experiences have been. Particularly: Cost of road tax mpg general servicing all round...
  12. S3 Wannabe

    Family man and moving on from the S3

    Was just wondering what people in my position may do, or have done -after the first of the children come along???? A fast saloon is now calling, and a change will have to come within the next 12 months or so. I can just about live with it (the S3) for the moment but the addition of another...
  13. S3 Wannabe

    Need a little help with upgraded bulbs

    Hi guys! Need a liitle advice on whether the bulbs below are any good??? -Or can you suggest better???? Over the summer i hardly drove at night, however was reminded last night how poor standard main beam...
  14. S3 Wannabe

    Car performance since clutch replaced.

    Hi guys, was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this for me. Recently had the clutch changed, bog standard S3 clutch replacement -fly wheel was fine and didn't need a new one. The old was pretty shot, and the guy who did the work for me couldn't believe it had only just started...
  15. S3 Wannabe

    Any ideas: coolant level dropping

    Just need a bit of help! During the day at work I seemed to have lost about a pint to a pint and a half of coolant (may have been dropping for a few days tbh). when i started to leave work, temp warning symbol came up on the DIS, and I topped it up straight away. Got home (no prob's on the...
  16. S3 Wannabe

    Remapped S3 v's Civic Type R EK9

    Wouldn't normally post about a race with another car, however must admit I was very impressed with my S3 last night up against this fast little fu(ker! Going uphill on a dual carriageway (from single and overtaking a lorry) starting at 40 I closed the gap from around 8-10 metres to sittin just...
  17. S3 Wannabe

    Fuel Catalyst - Anyone heard of this???

    whilst trying to sort out my clutch saga at audi yesterday i got talking to some old guy who runs his own business putting fuels catalysts (tin based) into car tanks. (apparently he was on his way to do this in a DB7) done a bit of research and found a few things on the net inc this...
  18. S3 Wannabe


    had my s3 for almost 6 months now, and despite loving every minute have missed that little bit of extra power. booked it into rk engineering for a cc remap weeks ago, have been looking forward to it and getting really excited -like a kid going to disneyland for the first time. car is due in...
  19. S3 Wannabe

    Connecting a JVC HU with factory fitted CD Changer

    Is this possible???? Thinking of getting this: anyone know if it's also any good???? Cheers!
  20. S3 Wannabe

    Aerials - A little help please!

    Hi all!!! Need a new aerial for my s3, went down to halfords today and (even though they fitted) none of theirs seem to work. okay they were specified fpr other makes of car, but what is the difference??? they couldn't even order me one in, my local dealer wants 41 quid for one. I know...