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    Sports Exhaust

    I'm looking to move from my 2017 RS3 to a new RS5. Found a lovely spec car in stock but it doesn't have the sports exhaust. What are people's thoughts on this? Completely avoid as its a must have?
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    Tyre Wall Blister

    So I just noticed a blister has appeared on the tyre wall on the front offside. Anyone else had this happen? I haven't hit anything so can't think what would have caused it. Audi suggest I contact Pirelli themselves to see if they would sort me out with a new tyre as the car has only covered...
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    Facelift Damaged a wheel

    Managed to scrape an alloy last night on a pesky bit of kerb hidden under a load of leaves. I’m still fuming about it now :( They’re the gloss black rotors with the ‘Audi Sport’ text printed on the inner edge. I’m guessing that a full refurb will remove that text... leaving 3 alloys with and 1...
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    May need to sell :(

    A change in circumstances might mean I have to sell my much loved RS3. Can anyone offer advice on how to achieve the best price given that the car was purchased on an Audi PCP deal? Is there anything stopping me selling privately, and paying the finance settlement after the sale, or is that...
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    Grinding noise when cold

    When starting up with the engine cold, as soon as I select D I hear a grinding noise for a short time until the engine begins to idle at 950rpm (or wherever it normally idles). It becomes louder if you move off. Does anyone know if there's a common issue with the DSG box that may cause this...
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    Efficiency Programme on DIS

    On my previous S3 (MY2011) I had the efficiency programme on the DIS which allowed you to view the instant and average MPG at the same time for example. It also showed things like how the air conditioner was impacting fuel economy. Am I missing something or is this not part of the RS3 DIS? I...
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    Tyre Sizes

    Maybe this is a daft question, but I was always under the impression that a quattro set up must have the same tyre sizes all round? With the RS3 having a slightly larger profile on the front - 35% of 235mm vs. the rears which have 35% of 225mm I was wondering if this is a problem? If you...
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    RS3 Insurance

    So I'm going through the renewal process at the moment as I added the RS3 onto my previous policy last month which expires at the end of this month. I've looked at all the usual places/comparison sites and I'm shocked at the prices... Cheapest I've found is £450! Bargain! I was paying...
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    Anyone know what this is?

    I found this green plastic part lying on the floor underneath the front passsenger bucket seat. Can't see anything obvious under the seat where it would go... does anyone know what it is/where it should go? It has a part number on there of 8E0 512 116 B. Cheers!
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    Picking up new RS3 later

    Picking up my new RS3 at 6pm today. Only 2 hours to go! I've gone for Daytona, Ali pack, buckets, privacy, bose, interior light pack, light/rain sensor pack with folding mirrors. Will post up some pics as soon as I get round to taking some. Just a shame it's raining :(
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    S3 emissions warning

    Started up the car last night and got the orange emissions warning light on the dash. Called Audi Assistance who said it's nothing too much to worry about and to get it booked in ASAP. Car seems to be running as it should with no obvious loss of power or hesitation. For the first time since...
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    Running In New S3

    Sorry if this has been discussed before but the search doesn't bring anything up.... I have looked, honestly! I've just picked up my new S3 :icon_thumright: and was wondering what is the correct thing to do in terms of running the car in? The dealer told me not to bother running it in, but...
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    S3 Privacy Glass

    I've just ordered a new sprint blue S3 with privacy glass and was wondering if someone has any pics I could see? I'm not sure I've done the right thing reading a few posts, but haven't actually seen a sprint blue with privacy glass. What are peoples opinion on the rear tints on the S3...
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    Superchips Bluefin on its way

    Well I decided to splash out and order a Bluefin handset for my 2.0Tdi Q Sline. Superchips claim a 38bhp increase on the 140 engine. I'll keep the thread updated with how I find it. Has anyone else 'bluefinned' their TDi?
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    New owner - A3 2.0 TDi S-Line Quattro

    Hi Guys, I've just traded in my TTC 225 for a 12 month old A3 2.0 TDi S-Line Quattro. Loving the car and well impressed with the economy :biggrin: I had the TT remapped which was amazing. Has anyone remapped a 140 2.0 tdi engine in the A3? What sort of power increase should I expect to...