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  1. SRB93

    Adding New Plates

    Either Tap some new holes in the Plate or buy some sticky pads with the constant concern your plate could fall off
  2. SRB93

    Additional Central Console Switch instead of HomeLink

    This may be of some use.
  3. SRB93

    First service & price Match promise

    Couldn't find any garages that would provide me with a quote with genuine Audi parts so had to pay £270 in the end...
  4. SRB93

    S5 stolen ☹️ Key advice needed

    Feel for you! Some D**kswabs managed to get into mine last week and attempted to start it up. They failed luckily, however broke into a house in my neighbourhood and stole an Audi A4 and Citreon. As a result we have upped our home security, Ring Floodlight camera with a chime alarm when motion...
  5. SRB93

    £320 For First Oil Service! WTF!

    Managed to get mine to £270 with the main dealer and they waivered the courtesy car fee off too. Still mighty expensive for such a minor change.
  6. SRB93

    Attempted Theft on my S5

    I do really like the look of those telescopic poles, might be difficult to install on my parents driveway though however as its on slight curved slope. Could just ask the guys who would install it.
  7. SRB93

    Attempted Theft on my S5

    Stupidity on my half leaving my ****** car unlocked. I’ve got my folks to invest in to a new monitoring system!
  8. SRB93

    Attempted Theft on my S5

    Yeah, I think I can see one holding my Audi bag when he tries to open my dads car. (We're obviously investing in better CCTV now)
  9. SRB93

    Attempted Theft on my S5

    Videos can be viewed now. (Above in thread)
  10. SRB93

    Attempted Theft on my S5

    My lights didn't come on when they opened the door... would that suggest it was previously left unlocked?
  11. SRB93

    Attempted Theft on my S5

    Apologies for the quality, they should be processed and ready for viewing soon enough.
  12. SRB93

    Attempted Theft on my S5

    Well that's good to know, so to be sure. They shouldn't of been able to open my car or start it without me opening it near them?
  13. SRB93

    Attempted Theft on my S5

    Keys were in my room which is on the backside of the house, cars on drive yes. I'll get a picture up of them trying my dads car and with my door open. Quality is shocking as it was pitch black and the Ring Doorbell isn't the best CCTV.
  14. SRB93

    Attempted Theft on my S5

    No, just the standard key, which makes think did I leave it unlocked like a careless idiot. I'm assuming they can still scan for my keys and open the car? Maybe someone who knows more can comment.
  15. SRB93

    Attempted Theft on my S5

    Woke up this morning to find that at 2:30 in the morning a few guys had pulled up in a car and were using a scanner (could here it in the video) to open my car. Tried to open my Mothers and Fathers car too. I think they attempted to start the car up but failed to do for some reason. Stole an...
  16. SRB93

    A5 Lead Times?

    Early Christmas present! :D
  17. SRB93

    Camera envy?

    Matrix lights are a beautiful thing this time of year in the country lanes.
  18. SRB93

    2018 RS5 KW Coilovers fitted today

    Woof :D
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