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  1. Srivastava Reddy Nalla

    DPF symbol on dashboard

    HI, I had DPF symbol alert popped up on the dashboard earlier today. How do I reset it. TIA Sri Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Srivastava Reddy Nalla

    Turbo Under powered Fault code

    Hi I have bought and 65 reg Audi A3 two weeks ago 15k mile. I got it checked with a guy and found the fault code of TURBO UNDERCHARGED. Still has initial 3 months warranty. But can you please tell me if its a big problem which I have to worry about. Shall I return the vehicle to the dealer...
  3. Srivastava Reddy Nalla

    Private Number Plate

    Dear Members, I have a private number plate 10 reg and I have purchased an 2015 Audi A3 last week. I am thinking to put my personalised plates on my new audi A3. Can you please recommend where to get my personalised plates done. Looking forard for your recommendations. Kind Regards, Sri
  4. Srivastava Reddy Nalla

    VCDS near Milton Keynes

    Hi, I am looking anyone who can help activate my Visual MMI parking interface and also rear parking settings any recommendations are welcome. Looking Forward to hearing form you. Kind Regards, Sri
  5. Srivastava Reddy Nalla

    First Audi from Milton Keynes

    Dear Member's, A big hello to you all. I am expecting a new baby girl soon and also I have purchased my very first Audi before my Baby arrives I bought an Audi A3 1.6 TDI Ultra Diesel 2015 65 Reg 15k mileage one last week. I am interested in VAGCOM vcds settings etc, I am not sure if it...