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    Front subframe and suspension brace

    With all this talk of the front suspension and brace recently it has reminded me of the parts I have left over from stripping my 18K mile 2000 S4 avant. I have the complete front subframe and brace. Does anyone know if this the same as all the other A4 models or did the S4 one differ? I image...
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    S4 parts

    Just thought I'd let people here know I have just added some of my 2000 S4 parts in the classifieds. In case anyone is looking for genuine polished ally mirrors, carbon fibre interior trim or a cheap symphony unit, take a look. Cheers, John
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    Bose speaker set up

    I have just put up for sale in the classifieds ICE section my full bose speaker set up including the sub box with amplifier. It is for a B5 avant. I am just letting people know because I also have the full wiring loom from the car I broke so can help with any wiring or connectors that may be...
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    S4 breaking parts available

    I have added a post in the classifieds section listing the parts and their prices that are ready to go. I am happy to arrange postage for some of the smaller items. Thanks, John
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    Breaking 2000 S4 avant

    I have decided to break my S4. It has had a rear impact but I bought most of the parts to repair it. I have a post in the classified section and imagine that most of the upgrade parts like the vented rear brakes and alloy door mirrors will go quite quickly but please let me know if you want any...
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    Sell the Plasma?

    I currently have a Fujitsu 42" plasma screen which is about 4 or 5 years old now but it's playing time can probably be counted in hundreds of hours instead of thousands due to the fact it has sat in the spare bedroom un-used while I have spent the last couple of years redecorating the whole...
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    Windows down

    Just done a search because I know this has been covered before but I can't find the post so... What is the fault when the car automatically lowers the windows when left unattended? Is it something to do with the battery? Thanks, John
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    S4 bumper on ebay

    Now that I have sorted myself out with one and in case any of those of you looking for one has missed it: Also, I am in touch with a guy near Nottingham that is breaking a 2000 S4 and has the side...
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    Factory fitted tyres

    What were the factory fitted tyres to a 2000 S4? I thought Audi fitted Continental's around this time but my car has 3 Pirrelli P6000's and one Dunlop SP sport, although the spare is a P6000. Also, the P6000 that is on the rear has worn far more on the outside than on the inside. Is this usual...
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    Insurance on body mods inc RS4 grill

    Have all those that have changed the grill for the RS4 one told your insurance companies? If so did it make any difference to the premium? Insurance companies can be funny about that sort of thing. Also did body mods like replacement front bumpers make any/much difference to the premium? Am...
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    Wheel offset

    I am looking at buying some 8x18 wheels for my new car (2000 S4 avant). However the offset on them is ET45. I've done a search on the forums and found that people have bought RS4 replica's with either ET30 or ET35 offset for an 8x18 wheel. I know that the old 7x15 wheels on my A4 Tdi avant are...