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  1. a3rob

    BKD engine wanted asap

    Hi Chaps Basically just had some work carried out on the car and now the engine has died. Looking for a replacement engine (BKD) ideally. I have an A3 on a 2004 year that had the A cylinder head that eventually died. Looking for the C cylinder head this time. Anyone with info on a complete...
  2. a3rob

    drl bulb removal

    Hi guys. So today the os drl died and needs a new bulb. I have small hands but can I chuff get the bulb out. Any ideas please as I'd prefer not to visit my local audi due to their shocking customer service. Thank you.
  3. a3rob

    Arm rest repair kit.

    Hello everyone. Looking to fix the little catch that holds the arm rest down. Apparently a common problem but are they easy to sort. I've heard Ebay rumours but seen nothing there. Thanks in advance.
  4. a3rob

    Audi CBBB Common rail TDI

    Greetings chaps. I am looking to buy a 2010 A3 that has the 2.0 common rail tdi lump in it. The engine is the CBBB version and i've read many stories regarding the oil pump balance shaft failing. Is there a way of finding out if this has the up rated shaft fitted if the current owner doesn't...
  5. a3rob

    Seat replacement

    Hi guys. My drivers seat in my a4 is about to collapse and I am wondering what seats will replace mine. It is a y reg with the dark grey cloth. Thanks in advance.
  6. a3rob

    A4 B5 Windscreen wiper change

    Hi all, Do the newer version Audi wiper arms that carry the aero wipers fit the b5 shape? Mine are poor and look to upgrade if possible. I can't seem to find a thread on here that says so :( Thanks
  7. a3rob

    A4 B5 Lowering advice

    Hi guys. I have an A4 tdi B5 and wish to lower the suspension as it resembles a defender currently. I have never lowered an A4 but with the amount of control arms it looks a chore :( Really only looking to use a 40mm spring and not coilovers. Any help and advice appreciated Thankyou
  8. a3rob

    Coilover Advice

    Hey all. Just fitted coilovers to my a3. I was wondering, how tight should the top mount nut be tightened? (The very top one ) Just so i don't overtighten them. Cheers
  9. a3rob

    Coilover help

    Hi Fitting coilovers shortly to my 8l and need a little advice. Up front, do i replace the whole top end of the suspension for example bearings etc. I was going to use my old items but was unsure. Maintenance wise, any advice on keeping the threads in good order for future adjustment? Cheers...
  10. a3rob

    Insurance advice needed

    Hello. Looking to insure my a3 that has minimal mods. HIC/FLUX and SKY are way over priced for some reason. Does anyone know who caters for guys with not much no claims bonus? Thank ya
  11. a3rob

    Door rattling !!!!!!

    Hi all. When i close the passenger door on my a3 tdi there is a rattling noise. This has started since i had a new door lock fitted. It has been to the garage twice since for diagnosis but there appears to be nothing wrong. Any ideas guys. Thanks
  12. a3rob

    New clutch - Bedding in process?

    Hi guys. Iv just had a new sachs clutch and dmf fitted to my tdi 130. Should i do anything other than normal driving to bed the new clutch in. Cheers Rob
  13. a3rob

    Which is the best Polish???

    Hi all. I require some decent polish for my silver a3. Unsure which to buy. Ideally one that doesn't need scraping off or that leaves a white scum after use???? Cheers
  14. a3rob

    Arm rest stuck HELP

    Hi guys, The arm rest in my a3 went up, but won't come back down. Has anyone experienced this before? If so, how did you rectify it. Cheers Rob
  15. a3rob

    Double din fascia adapters

    Guys i need help. I have an 03 8l with the double din symphony installed. I cannot find a fascia adapter to enable me to fit single din. Iv tried the major stockists but had no joy at all. Cheers
  16. a3rob

    Wind deflectors

    Hello. Does anyone know of where i can buy some decent wind deflectors? Iv looked on sheebay and found ****. ???
  17. a3rob

    Wiper motor failure (rear)

    I purchased my first 8P a3 today. Love it muchly :) Only thing is, the rear wiper motor wont work and i hear this is common. Any info on why this happens would be greatly appreciated guys. Thanks in advance Rob
  18. a3rob

    Which engine??????????????

    Hi guys. Deciding on which engine to have in the next car. Do i go reliable PD 105 bhp 1.9 tdi or the not so reliable PD 140 bhp 2.0 tdi?????? Iv heard bad things about the 2.0 tdi especially autos with dsg. Pourous heads, turbo fail, injector fail, dual mass fail. Any sensible advice...
  19. a3rob

    Wheel Spacers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi guys. Want to add spacers to the rear of my 8L but unsure what size. I have the standard TT/RS 17 fitted and the car is lowered 35mm. Just want to add a lil wider stance. Any suggestions on what width spacers i should use? Cheers Rob
  20. a3rob

    Removing EGR & fitting the delete kit. Is it worth it???

    Hi, Im hearing different stories regarding egr valves being removed on tdi pd engines. I will be having the car mapped soon and wondered if doing the egr job is actually worth it? Cheers