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  1. BigJC

    Hissing from fuel filler cap

    My car has recently taken to hissing from the plastic fuel filler cap. Will this cause any problems?
  2. BigJC

    1.8T MAF location

    Hi, has anyone got a picture of a MAF they can post so I can take mine off to clean it?? My cars starting to idle oddly and is feeling sluggish... Cheers!
  3. BigJC

    B5 Control arms

    Anyone done a how to with pics yet? I shall be attempting mine soon & wondered if there are any common problems? Cheers!
  4. BigJC

    Hunting 1.8T

    When I start the engine it immediately starts to hunt & won't idle evenly. This only lasts about 30 secs or so and it seems to sort itself out then thats it until I have to start it again. I take it this is the start of trouble but any ideas what it is?
  5. BigJC

    B5 suspension v noisy!

    My car has recently started making horrible creaking sounds with the front suspension, it still handles fine but sounds like the front is about to drop off!! Any ideas?
  6. BigJC

    Which DV??

    As I think my DV has gone, I'm going to replace it but having looked on VAGparts there are 3 types: 034145710B Audi A4 £25.49 06a145710P Passat £17.58 06a145710N S3/Golf/TT £15.54 Any know if there are differences in dimensions or will they all fit?
  7. BigJC

    Sensor question

    Should the blue sensor I'm holding be attached to anything?? It's located to the rear of block next to the bulkhead on my 1.8T sport with the AEB engine. Any advice appreciated.
  8. BigJC

    A4 1.8T sport rear pic please!

    My 1.8T badge is missing from the rear of my B5 and I'm hoping someone will post a pic to aid the location of my new badge! It's been gone a while as there are no marks to help me :( Cheers!
  9. BigJC


    I'm new here but not to the VAG family, my latest purchase is a '96 A4 1.8T Sport in a kind of purple blue colour. Having owned a Passat 1.8T, I thought the Audi would be largely the same but it definately handles better but that could be the sport suspension. I do have a few gripes...