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  1. slappy_dunbar

    Some R&D Info to Show What we Yanks are Doing

    A number of members here know FrankenTurbo. We're the hybrid turbo company that does business over in the Americas (not so much here in the UK, but I'm fine with that). For years I've kept a close eye on what you folks there try on your platform, and have learned a good bit. But I'm a...
  2. slappy_dunbar

    Exhaust back-pressures versus the cylinder head valve springs. Interesting findings.

    Over here in the States, we've been testing a prototype motor design dubbed Murray,which is based on a big-stroke crank from the ALH diesel engine. Others have used this crank in stroker conversions as well, but nobody (that I know of) had taken the approach of fitting shortened connecting rods...
  3. slappy_dunbar

    Relentless V3 manifold installation and testing

    Recently I took delivery of an inspection sample provided by Relentless Performance here. As most of you know, this is the product repped in the UK here, but it's every bit as available Stateside. I have followed the various threads covering this product sufficiently to come to one conclusion...
  4. slappy_dunbar

    OEM mass air sensor housing dimensions

    After a good deal of time spent scouring the net I am finding inconsistent and conflicting information out there for the exact interior diameter of the A4's MAF housing. I'm not looking for the outside (2.75"). I am looking for the interior dimension, which is somewhere in the neighborhood of...
  5. slappy_dunbar

    Howdy from the States

    I've been a lurker without signing up for too long. It's time for me to jump on board!:sly: