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  1. mikeyboy

    Hi, I’m the new guy

    Lovely S3 mate. I'm sure you'll love it [emoji106] Sent from my F8331 using Tapatalk
  2. mikeyboy

    Hello :)

    Welcome to ASN mate, where about in the highlands are you?
  3. mikeyboy

    Newbie from Fife

    Welcome to, good to see another scottish member join the clan.
  4. mikeyboy


    187.7 bhp? I've only heard of a 140 & 170 2.0 TDI.
  5. mikeyboy

    new to forum

    Welcome to
  6. mikeyboy

    Holas fellow Audi lovers

    I know 2 months is a bit much, I normally try and do it every 3 or 4 weeks but i've just been a bit lazy recently. I normally just hose all the loose dirt off, shampoo/wax with a big sponge, rinse it down & then give it another going over with fresh shampoo/wax, rinse it down again. I then get...
  7. mikeyboy

    Holas fellow Audi lovers

    Nice car mate, you can tell it's well looked after. I must give mine a good wash, it's not had one in about 2 months lol.
  8. mikeyboy

    Holas fellow Audi lovers

    Welcome to ASN mate, good to see another inversnekky member on board.
  9. mikeyboy

    New audi a3 owner

    Welcome to If it's a 2.0TDI you have your looking for the 8p section of the forum. 8L generation never did a 2.0TDI.
  10. mikeyboy


    Lol nice1. On a serious note enjoy the car & watch out for those speed camera's.
  11. mikeyboy


    Welcome to you lucky sod. RS3 owners make me jealous!
  12. mikeyboy


    Welcome to, sorry to hear about your 306 but i'm sure you'll feel much better when your burning around in an S3. Enjoy the forum.
  13. mikeyboy


    Welcome to, Enjoy your car & the forum.
  14. mikeyboy

    Hi Guys new to the forum

    Welcome to, enjoy your car.
  15. mikeyboy

    Hiyaaaaa :)

    Welcome to I have a 2006 A3 2.0 TDI 140 (manual) & it is a brilliant car, great performance for a diesel & brilliant on fuel.
  16. mikeyboy

    Hello from sunny whitchurch shropshire!!

    Welcome to
  17. mikeyboy

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome to the forum jacqui, good to see another inversnekky member on board.
  18. mikeyboy

    New on the Site

    Welcome to mate.
  19. mikeyboy

    Good afternoon all...

    Welcome to the forum. You will soon be converted my friend, Audi is much better than BMW
  20. mikeyboy

    Hello all audi lovers!

    HI fran, yeah i know what ya mean was considering an astra vxr nice car, only thing that put me off was the handling issues. 240 bhp sounds nice but if the front wheels cant cope with it then its pointless really. Also considred the focus ST 220 bhp and handles really well but as i'm sure you...