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    Boot doesn't always open cleanly

    On my Avant, if I press the button on my key to open the boot (for 2 seconds), the boot opens an inch then stops. I have to press the button for another two seconds to actually open the boot. Does anyone know how to open the boot first time? Charles
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    Parking Brake and Auto Park logic

    When turning off the car I usually just press the Stop button. Sometimes, that puts the car in Park with the Parking Brake on. Sometime it just puts the car in Park. Sometimes it does neither. I would prefer the car to go into Park with the Parking Brake on. Does anyone know the logic the car...
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    Android Auto and Pixel 3

    Blimey, phones and cars don't mix on many levels. I've just got a Pixel 3 and am trying to use it in my A4 B9. I have used Android Auto with a wire and unsuccessfully with Bluetooth (except for making phone calls via the car's own interface). Now I am completely stuck. I plug in the phone and...
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    Wheels and Snow Tires

    Hi All, I'm new to this forum - hello all. I picked up my new to me A4 Avant 252bhp Quattro yesterday. Very exciting! I've got 3 questions that maybe someone knows the answer to. 1. The car came with 19" wheels which make the ride quite hard. Has anyone got 18" or 17" wheels and does it make...