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    The rear wiper

    Think of the 1kg weight saving as well:think: Why not take the passenger side wiper off as well because you don't look out of that side of the screen? Dave
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    Audi full service history.

    The cheeky hard faced ******! Tell him to shove it where the sun don't shine..."bacup"..hehe. No seriously, he wouldn't get past the first fence in any legal challenge. He's just unlucky, or he's ragged the **** off the car. Dave
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    A3 3.2 Quattro Buyers Guide?

    nah! s3 quicker. dave
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    A3 3.2 Quattro Buyers Guide?

    And try it in manual, both on the stick and on the paddles as well. Dave
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    Is this normal for a 2005 A3 DSG!?!

    You have to physically turn the air con off. Default is on. Dave
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    170 Vs 140 TDI

    Same power and torque as the old engine, so can't imagine why it would feel "more" torquey? But agree with the weight thing, four wheel drive does sap power. Dave
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    New mileage record

    Knocking about I regularly get 29mpg, and on 100mile runs this goes to 39mpg. You boys need to exercise a little right foot control!!! Dave
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    trouble launching stronic

    temp has to 90 as well before it will work. Dave
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    AHHHHHHH!!! Bluefin!!

    He sold his car to a dealer. It's not for him to tell about every little thing wrong with the car! If the dealer had road tested it he would have known it wasn't standard. There is not a snowballs chance in hell of anything coming back on him once the dealer sells it on. There is a very old...
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    Super or Unleaded

    I run the A3 and the Elan on tesco's super, all my old cars, Evo's, Scoobs, and various other performance motors have also used it. Never had a problem. Although near me shell is as cheap including V-max, so I do use that as well. regards
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    Changing Pads..

    As long as you apply pressure slowly there should be no probs! I always take the top off the master cylinder because if it's been topped up, then it will overflow when you push the piston back in.. regards dave
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    Changing Pads..

    You don't even need a winder! Prior to undoing the 2 rear bolts, just wiggle a wide large flat blade screwdriver between the pad and piston and slowly lever it back. (take the top off the brake master cylinder first). Always pump the pedal up after each side has been replaced. The rears may need...
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    Cool! Thanks for the reply... regards dave
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    Could someone advise me the correct method of removing the "B POST" satin black cover on my 5 door A3? For some strange reason the paint has started flaking, so I thought if I can remove it, I'll flat it down and respray it. regards dave
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    S3 as fast as they say?

    It's the same old story I'm afraid, yes on paper they seem quick, but as has been said you have to rag the **** off you're motor to attempt to get the posted figures....(D.S.G. accepted!) Also a 530d will be very very quick midrange, my old astra (dtuk boxed to 190/300) was quicker than both my...
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    At the end of the day the damage is done! The worst you can expect is 100% blame, the best 50-50, either way it's an insurance job and that's why we have insurance!................................You do have insurance?? regards Dave
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    Tell you what pal! try reading the whole thread, you will read some quite "heated" remarks, which is why I commented on the fact. Now move along whilst the adults are talking, there's a good lad. regards dave
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    Hmm!! Getting a bit heated this one, I'd normally love to comment, but I think I will leave it. Other than to say were there any road markings indicating what lane to be in to take what exit? regartds dave
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    Window tinting

    The legal position is that the front side windows on all cars must allow 70% of light to pass through them. That figure also applies to the windscreens of cars first used before April 1985; any car first used from then onwards has to let 75% of light through the windscreen. Taken from the VOSA...
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    Take off the A-pillar.

    Hmm! A fellow firebobby eh? Having read a few manufacturers recommendations, it seems that 1-2 mins is adequate, so 30 mins in a non emergency situation would be ok. regards dave