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  1. jimmytotheh

    need a catalytic converter for a3 2.0 fsi

    unfortunately ive been told i need a new cat on my a3 2.0 fsi 2005. now ive found one for a decent price. its off a 2007 s3 but it says it fits a a3. can anyone confirm this? any advice appreciated :yes:
  2. jimmytotheh

    audi a3 auto problems?

    Anyone experience problems with their autos? My car is a 2.0 fsi auto tiptronic. Usually runs fine but from time to time recently it has started to jerk and slam into gear. The revs will ride high then slam into the next gear. Its not good. Any ideas on what the problem could be? Theres no...
  3. jimmytotheh

    what mpg are you getting in your cars?

    I have a 1.6 petrol a3 on a 53 plate. It drinks petrol like theres no tomorrow Im wondering wether theres something wrong with it or it needs some sort of tuning or something? Either that or im going to get a diesel and never look back. Any comments would be appreciated :)
  4. jimmytotheh

    s3 spoiler for my 8p a3 1.6 2003?

    anyone know if its possible to have a s3/s-line spoiler fitted to a 8p a3 2003? can anyone recommend where to get one from? cheers