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  1. Vins

    RS3 Saloon or Sportback

    As per the title, which do you prefer? There's been a lot of discussion on another thread and I hope to open this thread to gather thoughts and opinions!
  2. Vins

    Finance explained

    I'm looking to get some help in Laymans terms about PCP's and buying new or approved Audi's. I don't have the foggiest when it comes to finance and want to understand what is what. My Mum is looking at an RSQ3. There's an approved one for 42k, 1000 miles - 10.9% APR. Also been offered a new...
  3. Vins

    Radio, MMI Screen, Ignition Issues

    I've searched many forums and not finding any answers... here's the downsides of having an oil change at other garages, apposed to Audi... The S3 has been in today for an oil change and all is well on that side of things but they have reset the service light and I think this is why I now have...
  4. Vins

    First Oil change and service advice

    Currently on 12,500 miles. The car has not had anything done apart from 2 front tyres last week. The dash is saying I need an oil change in 300 miles. I've booked in for the oil next Monday at Shrewsbury Audi who said they will also do an 'inspection'. I asked what this was and they said...
  5. Vins

    Speedy, Tut tut A little reckless... Hopefully not anyone on here
  6. Vins

    Am I being picky?

    So I picked up my car mid-May and it's a great drive, i'm very pleased with it overall. There are a couple of small things which I don't think I should ignore and wonder if anyone else has had the same issues; - The drivers seat creaks quite loud when cornering (I'm only 11 stone) - Both...
  7. Vins

    Taking to the track

    Quick question - I would like to do a track day in my S3. Are we able to take our cars on a track if on finance with Audi? I couldn't find anything using the search and this isn't a question I wanted to ask the dealer. Comments and experiences much appreciated.
  8. Vins

    The order process

    Made a couple of searches but it's mostly about 'when will I get my build week'. I've got my build week 19 - commencing Monday 4th May :D What is the usual delivery date after build week? What are other peoples experiences with the process and what's the soonest someone has had their car after...
  9. Vins

    Aftermarket wheel options

    Yes i've used the search function and came across a couple of thread but didn't like any of the wheel options. I'm thinking of changing the wheels when I get my S3 next month, it's fair to say I like the grey/anthracite look. What offset do people have? I can't decide whether to go 18" or 19"...
  10. Vins

    Show us your rims

    Looking for wheel ideas I've ordered the 5 twin spoke star alloys with my Sepang Blue S3 but thinking I might replace them with some 19's when I get the car Show your wheels on this thread, standard or after market. Add the size, offset and tyre size too if possible.
  11. Vins

    New car detailing

    I'm looking to get my car detailed before collection in June and never had it done with an outside detailer. I will be collecting from Shrewsbury Audi and I've put a post on the detailing section of the forum but not many people have experiences with detailers in the area. Does anyone have any...
  12. Vins

    New car detail Shropshire

    Shrewsbury Audi have added the paint protection (£199) to my brand new car which is due in June. Am I right in saying this should be taken off and I should get a detailer in? Does anyone have any recommendation of a detailer in the Shropshire area who would do the work at the dealers?
  13. Vins

    Collection Pics - All A3/S3

    Post pics of your new A3/S3 on the collection day:cool: Whether you've already collected and want to re-post the experience or you're collecting today:arco: Although I've not collected mine yet - it's on order as of last week and I know it's a rather exciting experience! More photos the better
  14. Vins

    UK build times

    So being very impatient, I can not stop browsing the forum and looking at all the reviews and videos I can find on the S3. Thankfully nothing has put me off so far... I ordered last week and the dealer quoted 10 weeks but could be less. How long is it taking all UK members guys to get their...
  15. Vins

    Which Alcantara?

    I've ordered half leather half Alcantara and wondered what it will look like. I've seen two different types (Photos below) If it's the later, I need to change my order as I'm not keen on that at all.:eek:
  16. Vins

    S3 Hatch Ordered

    Well after much consideration and searching for a used S3, I decided against a used car and placed an order for a new S3 Hatch yesterday. The figures on the S3 and new car APR is just too good. Has anyone else made the change from a TT to and S? (Mine was a 2014 TDI Amplified Black) With...
  17. Vins

    TT Newbie

    Hi all, Originally wanted a TTS (Heart feeling) but have decided to go for a TDI as my first TT (Head decision) So today I ordered a Daytona Grey TT TDI Quattro Amplified Black Edition (As pictured below) and pick it up on March 1st, Exited is an understatement!!! :D Look forward to...