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  1. NME

    A3 8P3 Convertible Help

    Hi, Has anyone got the A3 8P convertible (2009) that they can take a picture of where the 2 arms in the boot join onto the glass, that are responsible for folding the rear section of the roof and glass into the boot are? My wife has one, and they have become detached, and I'm wondering what...
  2. NME

    Help changing dipped bulb on an Audi S3 8P3 2011 - Near Side - Quick its getting dark!

    Hi guys, I'm trying to change my bulb, but I cant see what releases the bulb from the housing? Can anyone advise of how to release the bulb? Its getting dark, and I have to do this outside, so any help quickly would be appreciated! Thank you!
  3. NME

    TPMS System - 2011 S3 Error?

    Hi, Can anyone confirm what the feature actually looks like and how it works in this model and year on the DIS? I can set the pressures in the DIS, but can't find any menu that lets me read the individual tyre pressures - which makes me think it is a "warning" only system. Am I right? I could...
  4. NME

    S3 Sportback Coilover Advice / Help

    Hi all, Just looking for a set of KW V3 coilovers, and found these on eBay: VW Golf V R32 KW Coilover Suspension, Variant 3, Used | eBay Just wondering if they would fit an S3 Sportback 2011? Cheers!
  5. NME

    Replacement number plate bulb holder screws required - advice please!

    Hi, As the title suggests, I think Audi make their number plate bulb holder screws from the same material as their manual clutch plates, as it is like toffee! I am in need of a decent replacement, and would prefer to not use the OEM versions if anyone can provide a link to a seller somewhere...
  6. NME

    Part No. & Price for S3 8P3 Front Splitter

    Hi all, Can anyone provide the part nunmber for the lower splitter shown in the pic below (the part that has been covered in carbon fibre wrap) - and also a rough idea of price? I need to replace mine as it has a crack in it. Thank you!
  7. NME

    Best gearbox oil for Sachs Clutch upgrade - S3 Manual 2011 - Stg 2+

    As the title suggests, are there any particular brands people would suggest? Any links to suppliers would be welcome! Cheers,
  8. NME

    BCS Exhaust Fitted today

    I thought I would post about my fitting of my new exhaust system after reading a similar thread a few weeks ago where a member had a BCS power valve system fitted. I was interested as their systems are made entirely from stainless steel, and if you wanted it, you can have the power valve model...
  9. NME

    Anyone Shark Stg 3 here? Thoughts?

    Hi, Heading towards Shark stg 3 on my MY11 S3 SB, (or 2+ if you compare other tuners descriptions), and I was wondering what people think? Did you go to Shark HQ to get it set up? Typical BHP and Torque figures? Anyone with this - but with or without Intercooler upgrade? Cheers!
  10. NME

    Adjust DRL brightness on facelift cars

    Right, I've done my searching and I thought I would create this thread as I'm confused about what I read. I read a post which Paullie created asking how to make the DRL brightness its full setting (100%) when the sidelight switch is used, as it said that they are dimmer when the side light...
  11. NME

    Will these coilovers fit an S3 8P?

    Just curious if these share the same setup as the 8P chassis, and if so which years and model? KW V1 Coilovers VW MK4 Platform | eBay Can anyone confirm if they are compatible? I suspect not, but if you don't ask - you don't get!
  12. NME

    Suggestions for genuine black edition rotor refurb...

    Hi, I'm trying to decide on what colour to refurb some 19" rotors that I have. I have an ibis white sportback (black edition) and I was thinking of getting them done in a powder coated matt black, with the silver blades. But I also think smoked chrome is a nice finish - just not seen it on...
  13. NME

    19" Audi Rotors ET43 - Should be ok right?

    Hey guys, Just a quick question, as I know ET45 is all good, but with the right tyres this should be also all good on an S3 2011 right? 225's should be ok? I think thats what I used to run on my 19" BBS's and they were ok - most of the time! Don't mind the occasional rub over bumps here and...
  14. NME

    Footwell lights stay on when headlights are on - Any ideas?

    Hi, Ok, so I have this new 2011 S3 which I love, but as there are so many new things on it compared to my last one, I'm not sure what is meant to be and what isn't! I'm not crazy right? The footwell lights are meant to go off and fade out after a few seconds right? I've run a VCDS scan and it...
  15. NME

    Help with auto lock for windows from remote please

    Hi all, I have been trying to get this feature working from the remote, but it doesn't seem to want to. It shows as being active and "on" in VCDS, but still fails to open the windows or sun roof when the lock or unlock button is held on the seconds press and hold. These open if i insert the...
  16. NME

    Anyone remember an S3 build thread....

    Hi, I've been searching and searching this site for what I think was an S3 build thread, and one of the modifications was a change to the gear linkage itself where the OP added a mod for about £40. He said it was amazing and made such a difference to the gear change! I'm after buying this...
  17. NME

    Help with error after installing puddle lights

    Hi all, I recently purchased the looms from RobinA3 on this forum to enable me to retro-fit the footwell lights and pudddle lights/warning lights to my 2007 S3. Whilst I was there, I also decided to wire in the illuminated door handles ready for when the actual handle housing arrives later in...
  18. NME

    S3 Grill (2007 Pre Facelift) Black Surround Part No. Request

    Hi all, Sorry if this has been covered in the past but i'm still unsure about the right answer. I've used the search function and come up with varying results for the S3 Optics grill, and I'm confused about the black surround, and if you can actually buy it on its own. Most of the threads...
  19. NME

    Audi PCP / Finance - Is this a good deal? Opinions appreciated...

    Hi all, Been thinking about upgrading to a facelift S3 for a while now, and I was having a look at the used approved audi website. Seen this Ibis White S3: Now...
  20. NME

    Wheel bolts for 19" BBS CH rims

    I've Just managed to secure myself some BBS CH rims with some frantic searching and some much appreciated advice from N8, and I was wondering if my OEM S3 2007 8P (pre-face lift) wheel bolts will fit the new wheels, or if I need some new ones? If new are needed, can anyone recommend the best...