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  1. 007dan91

    For Sale DTUK CRD3+ 2.0 TDI 190ps 400nm

    Hi Selling my DTUK CRD3+ TRI Channel tuning box 190ps 400nm, I've been using this on my Audi A5 B9 2.0 TDI quattro since January 2018 and only selling as I'll be moving over to a TSFIe hybrid car next. This box connects to the fuel, boost and camshaft sensor, I think this will fit any 190ps...
  2. 007dan91

    A5 Brake Pads

    So my brake pad indicator came on tonight stating it was at the limit, couple of questions. Is there any way of finding out if its the front pads and/or back pads which are worn? Also has anybody had there's changed and if so did you stick to OEM or go for another brand?
  3. 007dan91

    OBDEleven- Quattro ?

    Hi, I purchased an OBDEleven to code in Lane Assist and while going through the process I noticed in control unit Dash Board (17) and then long coding it showed All Wheel Drive to be no. I’ve have a 2.0 Audi A5 Quattro and the system is working as I’ve got videos with all 4 wheels spinning as...
  4. 007dan91

    Quattro + Snow = Fun

    Thought I would share some videos from today, first time I've had some drifting fun in the snow
  5. 007dan91

    Thinkware F770 Install/ Hardwiring

    Today I installed my Thinkware F770 2 Channel Dash Cam which Is a hardwired setup into my Aud A5 Coupe, I remember trying to find information about the process before I collected my car but couldn't find much on this specific model so this is really just here to help someone if you are...