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  1. DieselJake

    A3 vs S3 which to buy?

  2. DieselJake

    Lots of guys selling their B7's.

    Same happened with B5's and B6's; people go newer or different.
  3. DieselJake

    Would you buy an S4 Salvage?

    Check over everything religiously like with any other car really and if it seems fine buy it.
  4. DieselJake

    1.9 AWX 130 Manual Remapped ECU Problems

    Interesting results, perhaps the car has another underlying issue which these maps have brought to the surface.
  5. DieselJake

    Really throaty sounding A1

    To be fair most cars can sound and look good with money, given it didn't have an exhaust in the same place as an S1 it was most likely a TFSI, any pictures might help us identify what it was.
  6. DieselJake

    3.0 tfsi supercharger on A4 B5 2.8 30v

    Anything's possible, not sure it can quite be done on the cheap though, overall might be cheaper buying a 3.0tfsi unless your skilled with tools and computers.
  7. DieselJake

    A B9 A4 or A5 or Merc C Me?

    Going to say Merc as this is an Audi forum so everyone else will say Audi :playful: quite fancy one personally although would happily take either in this very fortunate dilemma.
  8. DieselJake

    r8 V10 Advice

    Looks same colour as OP's car :blink: lovely car by the way. Keeping this on topic... Yeah all earlier shape cars are quattro. The coolant expansion tanks are liable to crack, later cars had an "updated" design which unfortunately didn't fully resolve the issue, not a huge problem so long...
  9. DieselJake

    Modifications To Get 250Bhp?

    Intake probably won't do much, biggest hindrance on your model is the turbo followed by injectors which with an adequately sized intercooler would no doubt be in the ball park of what you want. Bigger turbo's generally mean more lag, if it's none quattro not the best base for big power also...
  10. DieselJake

    Engine mounts , Left and Right hand differences.

    Yeah, they were from Audi and cost far too much money haha no doubt they are cheaper elsewhere but firstly didn't particularly trust cheap engine mounts and secondly couldn't wait for postage at the time. Going from hydraulic mounts they give a tiny bit more shake but if they're shot anyway it's...
  11. DieselJake

    Engine mounts , Left and Right hand differences.

    Easy way to check is look down the engine bay at them. B5 RS4 mounts are a good fit and forget upgrade for anyone with hydraulic mounts.
  12. DieselJake

    Rs4 20 inch alloys

    Depends what's classed as a "rep" really, if it doesn't have RS4 arches and the wheels aren't sticking out chances are they're not genuine, given the car is a replica stands a good chance they won't be real.
  13. DieselJake

    M.o.t Woes!!!

    Ah yes but mine was always a race car in my mind haha, little changes added up until purchasing a considerably faster fully stock car which then makes you question decisions on small changes but regardless the MPG gauge certainly read better with the tray on if that's enough to go by.
  14. DieselJake

    Goodbye......well almost

    Best of luck with the new car, looks ace!
  15. DieselJake

    Anyone on here

    Prefer Audi Type R's personally :playful: wow certainly looks more of a "right buyer" type of car in the new images, personally quite like it just can't see any offers near 24k. Who knows perhaps this forum will advertise it to someone in the market for something similar, all publicity is good...
  16. DieselJake

    M.o.t Woes!!!

    Upgraded itself :playful: personally with Andy on this one; mine also went and the 'bay became a right state plus (despite better airflow) it had less aero, could have all been in my mind but felt quicker and got better mileage with a tray.
  17. DieselJake

    battery blues

    Nice one! :icon thumright: I'll second Midland VW being the place to go too, no better garage for all things VAG.
  18. DieselJake

    Anyone on here

    Ah yeah just saw the actual ad, certainly a bit marmite and high mileage for the year...
  19. DieselJake

    Anyone on here

    Best not to buy it then :icon thumright: Personally quite like it but can't see anyone offering near 24k unless it's got something more to it than the photo's show.