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  1. JayBeeS3

    Anyone running 20mm spacers?

    I've got 15mm spacers on all wheels (front&rear). It looks like this is about max for the car. Already I see that because the wheels are more outside the car, the paintwork suffers because of chipping in the arches...
  2. JayBeeS3

    Audi vs. pheasant - no winners

    Terve! i've got a spare front bumper in the right color with just a small dent in it collecting dust in the garage........ if you happen to be in the neighbourhood........ Jay
  3. JayBeeS3

    About to buy Eibach spacers but........

    Hi guys, After being dormant on this forum for some time now (busy working), I have a question for the fountain of knowledge......... I was thinking of buying a set of spacers but I am not sure if the size fits. According to H&R the best solution is their DRA system ( HS 4025571) where the...
  4. JayBeeS3

    A3 vs S3

    [ QUOTE ] David R said: [ QUOTE ] Drill said:Granted, the Driver IS a big part of the equation (And Gambba is DEFINATELY a "Type A" personality behind the wheel ) But a rolling start, full throttle blast left me falling behind, and Gambba outpacing the S3 [/ QUOTE ] I've said this before to...
  5. JayBeeS3

    1.8T Induction kit, I know it's been asked before

    [ QUOTE ] RichA3Turbo said: [ QUOTE ] Markb said: Yeah I like the look of the BMC and one of my mates has got one on his Lupo GTi, but don't you require a seperate breather as it doesn't vent the gasses? [/ QUOTE ] No. the AGU 1.8T doesnt vent to airbox so this is not a problem, and you just...
  6. JayBeeS3

    Audi S3 FMIC experience + pics

    [ QUOTE ] Gambba said: [ QUOTE ] JayBeeS3 said: well howdy Dan! how/where have you been???? [/ QUOTE ] UK, Egypt, ill, UK, Egypt and then ill again.... I expect the next few months will be the same, except with Turkey, Greece, Dubai and Japan thrown in for good measure as well. [/...
  7. JayBeeS3

    S3 Front Suspension Knock

    have the same with my S3, does it need some oil or replacement of bushes of some sort?
  8. JayBeeS3

    New S3 owner - a few questions

    [ QUOTE ] monkeytrousers said: 2. "Miles remaining" on DIS display. With a full tank of fuel this was claiming about 330 miles left - fair enough, what I was expecting. But the figure doesn't seem accurate - I am now down to half a tank and it says 275 remaining! I wish! Is this normal? [/...
  9. JayBeeS3

    2001 Rear Light Upgrade

    new lights:
  10. JayBeeS3

    2001 Rear Light Upgrade

    old lights:
  11. JayBeeS3

    Any pics of silver S3?

    linky to piccies
  12. JayBeeS3

    Things to do and not to do with your A3.....

    [ QUOTE ] Gambba said: Well this is the whole kit [/ QUOTE ] looks interesting........ how ill you ever fit this under the bonnet?
  13. JayBeeS3


    [ QUOTE ] Gambba said: Shame to hear about the rims Glen, but can I suggest in future that you do as I do, scuff all the rims then you wont notice if someone else does it as well Ok so I haven't scuffed my rims myself, that was taken care of by their previous owner.... [/ QUOTE ]...
  14. JayBeeS3

    So..Did anyone go to GTI International?

    Rich, Nice pics! Who was the dutch guy with the black S3???
  15. JayBeeS3

    Serious runaround from the Stealers.

    [ QUOTE ] Whoever sold this car also bought a new 3.2 S3 from ingram in Ayr. [/ QUOTE ] no such thing perhaps an S-line?
  16. JayBeeS3

    accidents happen..........

    [ QUOTE ] Yak said: JayBeeS3, yaiks. 6000e for repairs. I hope insurance pays that, and that you get it fixed soon. gl. - Yak [/ QUOTE ] well the insurance will pay, no doubt about that. The question is, whos insurance? mine or from the guy who drove against me. ..... If my insurance...
  17. JayBeeS3

    accidents happen..........

    [ QUOTE ] Gambba said: [censored] Jereon!! I didn't expect that much damage after speaking to you on the phone, but at least it's all in process now. [/ QUOTE ] well nothing a bit of Scratch-X cant polish out........
  18. JayBeeS3

    accidents happen..........

    Been in the workshop today and looked at my car.... Total left side was dismantled: door was out interior stripped rear wing was cut out until halfway height of the window in the C-pillar the skirts were removed the B-pillar was removed (inside and outside) front bumper was removed (no damage...
  19. JayBeeS3

    How much should i expect to pay?

    [ QUOTE ] RichA3Turbo said: Having a full front bumper and the side sills sprayed. How much should i look to pay? Around £300? Rich [/ QUOTE ] I have my full front bumper sprayed (small holes because of rock hitting the car) and I was quoted EUR 200 (as a part of the minor repairs on...
  20. JayBeeS3

    accidents happen..........

    well even my Twingo felt livelier............