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  1. leon13

    Clutch bleeder block retaining clip

    Thanks Sandra, will do!
  2. leon13

    Clutch bleeder block retaining clip

    I'm in the process of replacing my DMF, and when lifting the metal retaining clip for the clutch line into the bleeder block, it just crumbled away. Part number 2 in this diagram. Does anyone know if it's possible to buy these on their own, and if so, do they have a part number?
  3. leon13

    S3 8L 2002 not detecting door being shut [emoji848]

    I have this trouble intermittently. I thought it was a switch in the door, so the car thinks that the door is still open.
  4. leon13

    Am I screwed?

    Got the S3 running tonight, after replacing the starter motor, battery, oil, plugs, and filters. Man it's good to hear it running for the first time in 2 years. Now on to fixing the original problem it had... replacing the DMF and clutch.
  5. leon13

    Am I screwed?

    Thanks! I'll give it a go when I'm next in the garage. What sort of resistance should I feel? Is it worth me taking out the plugs to remove compression?
  6. leon13

    Am I screwed?

    From what I read, the crank bolt is 24mm? Is it fairly accessible from the underside? The car is currently just on the ground, but I'm hoping to get some axle stands pretty soon
  7. leon13

    Am I screwed?

    I initially parked my S3 in the garage while I gathered the parts to replace the DMF and clutch that had just let go. Fast-forward 2 years... I'm now married, have a kid, and I'm wondering where the hell the time went. Anyway, I digress. I finally pulled my finger out and started work on the...
  8. leon13

    Another headlight conversion post

    Hi all, I have a slightly different question regarding the conversion from non-facelift to facelift headlights. I've always wanted to upgrade to the facelift lights but they are always mega bucks. Ive got hold of some new halogen projector facelift headlights which use H1 bulbs. I'm looking to...
  9. leon13

    Clutch slave cylinder or master cylinder ?

    My S3 8L has just emptied the clutch fluid all over the road. I'm yet to be able to take a look underneath, but has anyone had such a dramatic emptying before?