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  1. simers

    Fantasy Formula 1 ASN League 2014

    Tied 6th. .. rightly impressed
  2. simers

    Backdraft Motorsport S3 Endurance Race Car build

    Read through this whole thread from start to finish. .. absolutely savage work... serious build. ..
  3. simers

    Northern Ireland/Ireland section

    I'm in the south but only bout 3 hrs from Newry. .. audi off the road still tho
  4. simers


    How much adamss24
  5. simers


    Will an atd engine work in my awx 130 a4
  6. simers

    Refresh before irish trip !!

    Where that happen buddy
  7. simers

    Refresh before irish trip !!

    Just left dun laoighre there a couple of hours ago.. As B5 Biker said tho you will be absolutely shocked by the state of our roads.. For a 1.9 diesel car it's approximately €800 to tax for the year.. And for what?? Buckled wheels wrecked suspension everything..
  8. simers

    Trainers - Whose into them??

    I love my trainers.. I've umpteen pairs of Nike Adidas puma and even a few pairs of DC's.. I'm not into shoes or boots but have a pair of timberlands.. I love them.. I love comfort.. Don't even wear work boots as they kill me feet..
  9. simers

    Jeremy Clarkson, will he get the sack?

    I can see why so many people are upset and annoyed by it.. His choice of phrase was well misplaced.. Back in the day when I was in school which isn't that long ago (13 yrs ago I finished) there wasn't many coloured people around.. Now the country is full of them and I see on a daily basis what...
  10. simers

    Fantasy Formula 1 ASN League 2014

    Ghost we slowly climbing the ladder.. Let's keep it going now
  11. simers

    Machine polished my S3 included

    I'm the exact same.. Why only do a half job..
  12. simers

    Rear lights tinting

    Yea it is mate.. I'm spraying cars years.. Can still be done wit aerosol..
  13. simers

    Rear lights tinting

    It's the way I tint all my lights as it only takes 2 mins to do and costs me nothin as I always have lacquer around and a drop of black haha
  14. simers

    Rear lights tinting

    Standard Tinted
  15. simers

    Rear lights tinting

    When I was painting my car I just threw a drop of black in the lacquer and dusted over it 3/4 times.. Nice subtle tint.. Also did the same wit an ep civic last week.. Ill post pics in a minute
  16. simers

    For the Love of Cars - Channel 4 - 8pm

    Thanks for that mate.. Have it recording now.. Love a tidy mk1..
  17. simers

    Happy Easter Everyone.

    Happy Easter everyone.. Hope it's a good and safe one for one and all..
  18. simers

    Honda Ep2 respray by me!!!

    Just said I'd throw up a few pics of the last car I've just done.. All comments welcome.. The style of it is the customers so nothin to do with me haha.. I just do what I'm told..
  19. simers

    Front skirt

    That looks the business
  20. simers

    My 01 130bhp tdi build

    Oh ill match it alright but gonna take time looking at colour charts and stuff but ill defo get it haha