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  1. ERBY

    Storage Pack

    Like @Keef - I also ticked the box for the rear cup holders - the thought of a drink with 'no where to for it to go' for my little one terrified me!! I actually keep forgetting about the storage under my seats!!
  2. ERBY

    Roof Bars / Box choice

    Do the whispbars have as low a profile as the wing bar edge? (or better for that matter)
  3. ERBY

    Roof Bars / Box choice

    Hi everybody - Happy New Year to you all!! :) I am thinking of expanding the load capacity of my beloved (*yawn*) and was after a bit of perspective… I am assuming obvious choices would be Thule wing bar edge with say a motion sport box (dynamic is a bit pricey for me to use once a year!?!) The...
  4. ERBY

    A4/S4/RS4 B8.5 Armrest Tidy / Storage Tray

    @Keef - hope the traffic is kind, St Ives & Hayle can be hellish this time of the year!
  5. ERBY

    A4/S4/RS4 B8.5 Armrest Tidy / Storage Tray

    Like you say - worth a punt at that price! I think I might join the queue!! Ill give you a wave if I see you around Cornwall Keef, I'll be the one in the same car!! :)
  6. ERBY

    After seeing the B9, I'm happy with my new A4 Black Edition (B8) on order

    Just to shadow other comments..I don't think its a massive change in design to have an immediate effect with 'new car/old car envy' & like @Keef I don't like door mounted mirrors:( Well, if Carlsberg did Grey Audi Colours……..;)
  7. ERBY

    Jeff's S4

    Nice write up Jeff. I agree with the key gripe thing - I've got used to it now but I always thought it was an odd place to have it, it also means I can't cope with a key ring attached to the key as its hanging and 'jingling' around there almost in the centre of the dash!! ...and I said it at...
  8. ERBY

    A4 Avant Black Edition ordered

    Not a Sepang Blue Mini aswell BH?! ;)
  9. ERBY

    Cargo Net S4 Avant with Storage Pack

    Might have a nosey around under my floor panel then, I had the storage pack but don't remember the net being a part of it tho'? Unless they tweaked the option more recently?
  10. ERBY

    BH's Sepang Blue B8.5 Audi S4 Black Edition Saloon

    As usual I'm jealous of your purchases Colin ;)
  11. ERBY

    My S4 thread

    @scotty76 LOL 'stripes porn', 'bead porn'….whatever next?!!
  12. ERBY

    2014 S4 Glacier White on Magma Red - ThatOneDude's B8.5 Thread

    S4 Loveliness:) & already 'SC'd up' on the wings!!! Pity the passenger has to do all the driving!!;)
  13. ERBY

    My S4 thread

    Yup…I was reliant on the inclement weather to remove some of the gull poo this morning, but beading nicely also;)
  14. ERBY

    BH's Sepang Blue B8.5 Audi S4 Black Edition Saloon

    "RAGley Hall"…how ironic!:D
  15. ERBY

    Audi Drive Select (ADS) Settings

    My experience also...I'm in auto most of the time too & feel that the car 'adapts', but again its an assumption. I rarely even scroll through the options using ads. (If I need some action I just change into 'S')
  16. ERBY

    My S4 thread

    Believe me @scotty76 - if I can do it, you can!;) I chickened out of all the interior led mods tho' mainly because of a certain S5 owner's injuries during the process! (yes I'm a wimp)
  17. ERBY

    My S4 thread

    You're giving me guilt trips @scotty76 - Mine so needs some tlc at the mo' & it's just started to rain:( I'm with BH on the badges too mate...where's your supercharged loveliness? ;)
  18. ERBY

    Audi Magazine

    Just curious, do many of you get it…? I used to a few years back but then it stopped. So following my recent purchase I thought I might of been automatically subscribed but alas…:(
  19. ERBY

    New S4 Avant ordered

    Sweaty palms time Cam, it'll look the business - I was struggling to keep my composure when 'the eagle had landed' & was frankly good for nothing except being like an overexcited child:) - looking forward to some pics!