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  1. MingeBlue

    Oil pump failure vs alternator failure

    Think my oil pump has gone but hoping its may be alternator or something less £. Currently car is in Gatwick long stay car park I had to drive round m25 to get there for 50 miles so at 70mph and no issues then, when I got to slower speeds / idle at the car park barrior engine sounded like...
  2. MingeBlue

    What have you done today?

    I know the feeling lol, were can you get keys from that actually work ?
  3. MingeBlue

    Revamp suspension / handling

    Had my a3 1.8t nearly 10 yrs now and the suspension could do with an overhaul, the steering and handling feel slack and fagiue. Im not bothered about lowering I just want a nicer steer. What do people recommend I can buy parts and get my garage to fit? Thanks
  4. MingeBlue

    Recommend a jump starter

    Working it out I hadnt driven car for a week so light must of been on for that time so 7 day drain. Do you recon the battery might be toast now ?
  5. MingeBlue

    Recommend a jump starter

    Went out to car this eve to find flat battery my own fault left interior on, I seem to do this alot. I want one of those jump starter battery pack things so I dont have to depend on others any one recommend one, its a 1.8t ? I dont want to spend big £ but enough to get something decent.
  6. MingeBlue

    Cambelt - How much to pay?

    Paid about 340 all in I supplied parts, did cambelt, water pump, aux belt etc this was in north london at an indie in Dec 2012
  7. MingeBlue

    De iceing your car

    Just spent 35mins clearing screen snow frozen, tesco de-icer was useless supposed to be upto -15 but not effective.
  8. MingeBlue

    Any plumbers/heating engineers on the forum??

    Ive got 1930's 3 bed semi, high lime scale area, paying about same as orignal poster for gas per month in winter. I've got double glazing, loft and floor insulation but walls solid so no cavety insulation possible. House is a ***** to heat even with big bills still feels cold people complain...
  9. MingeBlue

    Job interview (bananas)

    last job i got required 5 interviews and 2 case studies. The case studies I had to read a scenerio they gave me they present my findings and recomendations.
  10. MingeBlue

    can a traffic warden cancel ticket once issued ?

    Rang council and ticket was cancelled was supprised tbh. I had ran out of my house in just my pants to talk to him so may be the sight of that made him feel sorry for me lol
  11. MingeBlue

    faulty cd changer!!!!

    same problem ive had it 3 years, i listen to radio and dug out my old early 90's Graham Park and Groove Rider dj tapes lol. CD is basically jamed you need to get the unit out and try and open it up to sort it out. It seems to common issue, I dont have security code for mine so never bothered...
  12. MingeBlue

    Mpg gauge information

    Its the 'average mpg' so the more miles you have driven since last reset the more miles you will have to drive in style that would change it to see any impact. It appears to be correct now after resetting as the average is worked out on fewer miles so you see more of a shift with less driving...
  13. MingeBlue

    can a traffic warden cancel ticket once issued ?

    Will call council tomorrow to find out ticket, if it hasnt been cancelled it looks like warden was shafting me by saying he cancelled it and taking the ticket on purpose so I ended up paying the full non reduced rate as some kind of punishment. I wasnt aggressive but did say its "f-ing xmas eve"...
  14. MingeBlue

    can a traffic warden cancel ticket once issued ?

    I saw warden putting the ticket on car so ticket was issued, I spoke to him and he said he would cancel ticket he took the ticket. Great I thought then during hours after I started thinking Im sure wardens cant cancel once issued, googled it and though I cannot find anything for my council what...
  15. MingeBlue

    knocking noise from engine

    what was it in the end ? Ive started to get a knock on startup but goes after a couple of mins.
  16. MingeBlue

    Getting damp around pollen filter

    Seen a few threads with same problem pointing to bad fitting scuttle plate. I just had a look on mine and on the drivers side up to the middle the plastic is flush with the windscreen but from that point onwards to the passenger side it isnt flush with a gap of a few mm. Should the scuttle plate...
  17. MingeBlue

    Getting damp around pollen filter

    My car has been misting up alot so much so today I found pools of water on my dash. I had nee windscreen fitted 2 years ago it started misting then, i had autoglass out to look and they said water was getting in above the pollen filter so they resealed it. I stuck my hand in that area today and...
  18. MingeBlue

    man vs food

    Hickerys steak house in chester does a 52oz texas slab, a mate posted picture of it on facebook looked massive 70 quid though.
  19. MingeBlue

    Rear wiper jet just the plastic bit

    Ta thanks for offer, in the end I got it working will see how long it lasts. I put it in bowl of descaler after 30mins not much better so left it 4hrs and seems to have cleared it,. Havent had it working for 3 years lol :)