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  1. PNH80

    Message To S3 Owners - Someone Convince Me !!

    Bit of an odd thread this one! Basically if someone is mainly interested in tuning an S3 to make it more like a VXR/Focus ST type hot hatch because they find it a bit 'dull'..... To me, that defeats the point of the S3 (as NHN picked up on) and i think that person would be better off sticking...
  2. PNH80


    Welcome to the forum mate. After your previous cars i can see why you'd find the S3 not raw enough. To be honest though, the main criticism of even the R8 is that it's not raw/fun enough compared to it's rivals. That's what Audi's are i'm afraid...Safe predictable cars! In a good way of...
  3. PNH80

    A3 Black Edition Ordered

    Just out of interest...Having owned a Seat, VW and Audi, have you really noticed a jump in quality each time or could you happily go back to a Seat Leon after the A3?
  4. PNH80

    A3 Black Edition Ordered

    It scares me to think how much money you flushed down the drain over a 2 year period! Crikey. Also, i think most people in here could have told you that the 2.0TFSI Q wasn't going to be 'much' more economical than the 3.2 V6. Anyway, hope the new motor suits you better, it sounds lovely :)
  5. PNH80

    Fitted BBS CK's to my S3

    The car looks fantastic mate. Good choice!
  6. PNH80

    BBS Air II CK 8x19 split rims

    ...Nor me, i've got more sets than i need! lol
  7. PNH80

    BBS Air II CK 8x19 split rims

    Just for the record, if anyone was looking for a brand new set of 19" CK's in anthracite... I've just sourced mine from Rimstyle (PW didn't have any in stock when i enquired). They had a couple of sets left i believe. If i don't sell mine relatively soon i'm tempted to refurb them in black and...
  8. PNH80

    Gearknob removal?

    I would imagine the gear stick surround is still identical? So that will just pop out the same. What does the non smoking pack have in place of the ashtray? Just a storage compartment?
  9. PNH80

    New Wheels

    Honestly, i'd wait until you can afford to have it lowered before going for bigger wheels. Your car will almost certainly look like a monster truck. On an S-Line you can get away with it but not with a sport model.
  10. PNH80

    Gearknob removal?

    I think i'm right in saying the knob and stick are all one unit. Just remove the ashtray, get your fingers down the back of the gearstick surround and PULL. Don't be scared of snapping it, it just pops out with a bit of force. I have actually got a barely used S-Line stick and gator for sale...
  11. PNH80

    Got some A5 Y spokes on!

    50mm is a big drop on standard shocks isn't it? The wheels look good though. I've never been a believer in skimping on tyres, they are after all your contact point with the road. I look forward to seeing it lowered anyway.
  12. PNH80

    PS3 - Totally Un-impressed!

    The very basic fact of this argument is... Unless you want the PS3 specific titles, there is no point buying one. ALL multiformat games are written for the PC/Xbox and ported across to the PS3 (BADLY). The way the PS3's CPU works is completely different to how the Xbox works and it is capable...
  13. PNH80

    Ibis - keeping it clean

    I don't think white is high maintenance at all and i think ibis actually looks good with a few mud splats! You're worrying about it far too much ;)
  14. PNH80

    My A3 has arrived! Pics

    Nice to see that prices have picked up again. Looks like a nicely spec'd car as well. Congrats.
  15. PNH80

    Rollling On 18z ;)

    As if further proof was needed that iphones are rubbish. Your car looks very clean though :)
  16. PNH80

    It all starts here!

    The wheels are quite nice. I can only repeat what everyone else has said though....It needs lowering. I'm not a fan of dressing up cars to be something they're not so i personally wouldn't touch S3 mirrors on an S-Line. Nice car though mate. Glad you like it.
  17. PNH80

    Audi 3.2 suspension leg bent

    Funnily enough i did exactly the same thing over Christmas. My car is currently being repaired at Audi. I wasn't going fast but the car slid into a curb with the wheels at an angle. It bent the track rod arm and some suspension components. I don't know exactly what parts Audi are replacing yet...
  18. PNH80

    Orange S3

    A lad i know has got a Solar Orange S3... Personally i've never liked it. Just not the right colour for an Audi IMO.
  19. PNH80

    Titanium black edition wheels on S3 - anyone done this and have pics?

    Take one off and try it? Sounds obvious but i'd give it a go! lol
  20. PNH80

    Deteriorating fast now..

    Just goes to show that the art of being a car mechanic is slowly dying. They're just computer operators nowadays. No common sense. Any mechanic who knew a thing or two about cars and specifically VAG engines would know what the problem was without VAGCOM to tell him. Poor show.