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  1. robthehungrymonkey

    Cheapest lightweight, quality 18s for S3

    Am I imagining it, or did Rich have those wheels on his car?
  2. robthehungrymonkey

    s3 cat d

    Hmmm, I don't think there's anything too wrong with a cat d car, but it would have to be a complete bargain, and have a proper report along with it. You'd also have to be prepared to run it into the ground if you had to, resale would be awful, just look at how many people have said leave it on...
  3. robthehungrymonkey

    Air con gas

    A mate of mine just got his S4 regassed by someone that does refrigerated vans, only cost him £15
  4. robthehungrymonkey

    What's this flap thing??

    Those 2 inches can let a hell of a lot of brightness through though!
  5. robthehungrymonkey

    ARB spec

    I think the H&R ones are a slightly different size to the neuspeed ones. You need TT ones. Hope it helps
  6. robthehungrymonkey

    Bond Vs Bauer

    Sean Connery, gotta be. Though Pierce Brosnan is the perfect Bond.
  7. robthehungrymonkey

    couple of questions from a newbe

    I completely agree, the MPG after remap went up on motorway journeys and down when caning it (compared to before the remap). So overall not much difference.
  8. robthehungrymonkey

    Bond Vs Bauer

    Bauer would kick Bonds ****, then have to Rescue Kim on the way home. Before being in a plane crash, and then having to save the president before dinner. Bond saves the world, but over a long period of time, Jack has to do it 3 times in a day! Inbetween saving numerous loved ones and losing...
  9. robthehungrymonkey

    i say a gay ref

  10. robthehungrymonkey

    S3 (8L) vs 3.2 (8P) which is better?

    Surely it would have to be supercharged to be "that" much faster. I test drove one before I had my S3 chipped, and was a bit disspointed. It was too soft and didn't feel any quicker than my S3, DSG is cool though.
  11. robthehungrymonkey

    I've just been told that Optimax has ceased production !!

    V power is definitely for sale in France and switzerland too. It was 102 RON when I was in Switzerland with my car in Jan. Was a bit too pricey for me at the time though, so can't comment on how good it is!
  12. robthehungrymonkey

    Internet Explorer 7....pretty good!

    So, firefox is better then? Good. I won't bother downloading IE7. For those sites that don't work, there's an extension on the firefox site that enables you to open a web page in internet explorer in a tab within firefox. Good tool.
  13. robthehungrymonkey

    Choices Cant Decide

    I'd go for dark grey wheels ( i did on mine) I love black wheels, but I don't think they suit a saloon, they need to be on a very aggressive looking car IMO. Whereas i liked the subtle difference I got with dark (but not too dark) wheels.
  14. robthehungrymonkey

    Lotus Elise 111R - OMG !!!

    Sorry, didn't ake it very clear, I nearly bought a 111S, ut I have driven an R. It is a fair bit quicker, but quite peaky. Either way, very jealous of your freind. Would rather have one car I could use everyday, than what i've got.
  15. robthehungrymonkey

    Lotus Elise 111R - OMG !!!

    Great cars! I nearly bought a 111S last year, and this year I decided I couldn't afford one. I'm surprised you felt it was "SO" fast, as I felt the lack of torque was noticable, and you didn't get the kick in the back you got from slower but torquier cars. However, you travel pretty quickly...
  16. robthehungrymonkey

    Dump Valve - A3 Turbo

    I was looking for £50 for it. It hasn't been used much, and it's immediately obvious how and where to fit it. (I sent you a PM - check your inbox) I'm about as far from a mechanic as you can get! The standard part that cheap? Where from? I thought they'd be really expensive. The forge one is...
  17. robthehungrymonkey

    We have a fantastic.......

    I agree almost entirely. Though I do believe there are some small retailers that offer genuine help and advice, though I suspect you'd need to pay for it.
  18. robthehungrymonkey

    Second hand performance Haldex...

    I thought it was just a straight swap? But I'd check, do a search and see if you can find someone on here that already has one.
  19. robthehungrymonkey

    Dump Valve - A3 Turbo

    I've got a Forge 007 for sale if you want it? Let me know.