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    Anyone wrapped their A6?

    I have mine wrapped. Chrome deletion, satin grey and front side window tint. You should let the DVLA know about the change of colour. It won’t affect resale value as it is fully removable. In fact, it will protect the paintwork for when you do sell it. You absolutely shouldn’t put it through...
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    Dash Rattle - Any successful fixes?

    Has anyone been able to get the dealer to fix the dash rattle? Mine has been getting progressively worse over the last 4,000 miles and it’s now annoying me. I have it booked in on the 19th, but don’t hold out much hope for anything changing. Would be interested to see if anyone has given it a go.
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    AdBlue on the 2019 A6 Avant 40 TDI Quattro

    I’ve done 10,200 miles and the warning has just come on. It states; ‘ Please refill at least 6 litres of AdBlue the next time you refuel. Range: X’
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    WiFi Plan

    Hi all. Had the car for about 6 months now, but only just got around to investigating the Wifi in the car. It asks me to register with the service provider and then buy a data package. Is this usual? There’s no way to use your phone data plan with in the care WiFi? Has anyone purchased a...
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    A6 black edition 45 stalling

    Not seen that crop up before, certainly worth getting it back to the dealer.
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    Car has arrived, storage pack and Boot question.

    Look forward to finding out.
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    A6 Avant Black Edition 50 TDI fuel economy?

    40TDI certainly not underpowered.
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    So I cancelled my A6 order

    I concur that Audi Taunton are hopeless and rude. I was actually trying to give them my money but the guy was rude and obnoxious so I went to a different dealer. I quite happily told them that as well.
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    Dynamic Front Indicators with HD Matrix Lights

    Thanks! This is the same as mine. The sweep speed at the front is very fast in comparison to the rear. When looking at it in a reflection, it just looks like it’s flashing. I’ve seen MY16/17/18 where the front sweep is much slower. Anyway, glad it’s not just mine. Saves me complaining...
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    Dynamic Front Indicators with HD Matrix Lights

    Reckon you might be able to take a quick video?
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    Dynamic Front Indicators with HD Matrix Lights

    Does anyone have the HD Matrix lights? My front indicators don’t seem all that dynamic, and wondering if others are the same? They are dynamic when locking/unlocking the car, but not when indicating to turn. I thought that it was perhaps a regulatory thing, but I’ve seen other Audi’s...
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    A6/S6/Allroad (C8 Chassis) Picture Thread

    4 days in total. Taking it back again in about 2 weeks for a final check over once all the glue is dry and any shrinkage has happened. Very happy with the results. Can’t tell it has been apart. Everything has gone back together well and lines up perfectly.
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    A6/S6/Allroad (C8 Chassis) Picture Thread

    Yeah, done at Blue Customs in Bristol.
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    A6/S6/Allroad (C8 Chassis) Picture Thread

    The front grill with chrome deletion
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    Adaptive cruise control - from standstill

    According to the manual, the engine running in time is only 600 miles
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    A6/S6/Allroad (C8 Chassis) Picture Thread

    Not the best photo as it is pouring down with rain, but I have collected the car today following its satin grey wrap and high gloss chrome deletion. Also went high gloss on the roof!
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    A6/S6/Allroad (C8 Chassis) Picture Thread

    £1500 give or take for a full wrap and all chrome changed to high gloss black.
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    A6/S6/Allroad (C8 Chassis) Picture Thread

    It’s called ‘Black’. :icon thumright: It’s getting wrapped in Satin Grey next week so I will post again.