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    S4 3.0 TFSI

    My Pzero’s lasted 6k, I find the Michelin’s last about 11k. After 60k miles in two years I don’t think I have ever had the mpg above 30 and the average is 24mpg.
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    Have you heard the S4/S5 rumour...

    It is unlikely to be attractive company car drivers. I have a S4 as a company car and this coming year the tax is very slightly less than than the most powerful A4 Diesel.
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    Michelin Pilot Sports 4 s - very nice (

    My S4 came with Pirelli’s, a great tyre but wear very quickly. I have since fitted Pilot Sports and find them just as good and last a few 1000 miles more
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    False TPMS warnings

    I’ve found that every time I have new tyres within a day the low pressure warning comes on. I check the pressure and it is fine, reset the MMI and it then works fine until the tyres are changed again.
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    Bang and Olufsen Recall Again

    In the scheme of things not a big drama but other than dying in a crash neither is anything else to do with a lump of metal that gets you from A to B. They still did something to my car they had been explicitly asked not and I hate bad service. They have now sourced some new speaker covers as...
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    Bang and Olufsen Recall Again

    Following on from a previous thread where people had a terrible job carried out when a main dealer took off the Bang & Olufsen speaker strip and replaced it with a dodgy looking sticker. My car went in today for a service and they said it had two recall items neither of which were the speaker...
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    High miles in an S4

    Having read various threads about people only doing a few thousand miles a year I wondered if anyone else is piling on then miles on their S4? I have had mine a year and done 30000 miles! I probably should have bought a diesel but what the hell you only live once and need some grin factor! I...
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    Does Your S4 get attention?

    This was a duel carriage way and van on a bridge, totally my fault and the first time in over 25 years I have been done for speeding. I am incredibly careful in 30mph as I once ran a kid over who rode his bike straight out in front of me from between some parked cars. Lucky I was driving very...
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    Does Your S4 get attention?

    Mine got some attention last week for a very nice gentleman with a radar gun
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    155mph +

    I will have to take the S4 one day I thought they were restricted, that is impressive fully loaded. I totally agree that at 120 its fine, 140 and above it gets very hard work. I think trying to preempt other people changing lanes was the biggest strain. Trying to work out how fast cars are...
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    155mph +

    I have done 140+ out there a few times in hire cars but have never had my S4 out there. It is surprisingly hard work and I didn’t do it for long stretches and never tried getting anywhere near that at night. I assume your S5 is de-restricted, I thought they restricted them to 14o.
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    Living with an S4

    I do about 30k miles a year in mine with a real mix of country lanes, town / city and motorways. I find it great for everything. The adaptive dampers are great and I find it more comfortable than my previous A6 S line. Sitting in traffic around town is no worse then any other car and the first...
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    Audi UTR

    Audi fitted mine just to the passenger side of the mirror, it makes ait a bit less visible from the drivers view and you cant se any cables at all.
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    Car Play Problem

    Spot on, works perfectly after updating to 11.3.
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    Must have S4 extras

    I wouldn’t be without: Virtual cockpit Sports diff Adaptive dampers Black styling pack Carbon fibre inserts (definitely the best finish) B&O sound system I wouldn’t have paid the miner for the red brake calipers but I’m glad I have them they do add a nice touch along with the RS wheels
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    Safe parking at Stansted

    I leave my cars at the airport all of the time without a problem. At Stansted I always use premium shortstay paid in advance. I would never use any of the meet and greet or valet parking especially at Stanstead, I know which field they are Park in!
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    Which S4 tyres

    Thanks everyone, MPS ordered and will be fitted Wednesday.
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    Which S4 tyres

    Sorry Standard S4 tyres R19 245 / 35
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    Which S4 tyres

    My S4 came with Pirelli tyres, which I also used on my previous A6. I like the tyre and grip but they do seem to wear very quickly and lose grip well before they legal limit for changing. What do people suggest trying as an alternative?
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    Car Play Problem

    Being a bit lazy here, I know I could read the manual! How do you re-set the MMI, its different to the A6 I had before.