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    Get your wheels out for the lads!!

    This is mine but I'm after these wheels for it now (A8 D3 20's)
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    Cabriolet roof swap

    Is this something anyone's considered or undertaken? currently have a black roof on my cab and really like the red ones I've seen on some cabs. What would be involved in a roof swap? just need the external hood?
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    Which roof/leather cleaner for cabrio

    Managed to do the roof today with the autoglym kit, very happy with the result Thanks for the recommendations
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    My V6 Quatt - Progress so far (Pics)

    really smart what headlights are they?
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    Which roof/leather cleaner for cabrio

    sorry should have searched but thanks all for the speedy responses, got the autoglym kit from halfords
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    Which roof/leather cleaner for cabrio

    My tops looking old and want to rejuvenate it what cleaners do people use? also cleaning red leather seats, again what do people use
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    B7 new grill??

    About a fortnight. Unless you get away with paying no import tax i got a letter and had to pay fees before it was delivered
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    B7 new grill??

    fk make one but i wasnt a big fan i ended up getting the dubstop one, very happy as fitment and quality is really good
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    Flat bottom steering wheel

    I'll get some pics tomorrow, cars parked at my parents house
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    Flat bottom steering wheel

    SL4VE if your interested let me know and I'll get some proper pics if mine. I paid £250 for it yesterday
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    B7 Cab with 19" Alloys

    19x8.5 all round 235/35's all round et45 with 5mm spacers
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    Flat bottom steering wheel

    ive got one of these just fitted with paddles but would be interested in a flat bottom if a px deal can be done? NHN?
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    A week into cabriolet ownership

    Much appreciated The A5 is a beast, also has full leather interior matching the wheel colour with winged rs4 recaros
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    2006 B7 front bumper

    Cupra splitter comes in around £50 and is a DIY fit, I had mine fitted on the bumper within 20mins when doing the grill, just have to measure it to fit right
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    A week into cabriolet ownership

    Finished work early today and nipped upto Tideswell to pay for and get my steering wheel fitted, so glad to get rid of the 4 spoke Fitted by an enthusiast called Matt, his A5 Steering in Filthy car after the B road trip
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    Rooksy's B7 Avant

    stealth look really like it
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    Anyone used these guys?

    I fitted one of there grills to my SE fronted cab on the weekend, great fitment and quality theres a pic in my thread further down
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    A week into cabriolet ownership

    Thanks Allan i might wait until I've secured some headlights then do it all at once, want to add a few touches to the interior to make it look smarter with roof down
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    A week into cabriolet ownership

    Ideally I would have reused the oem grill badge but shame it won't come out if grill. Need to find a chrome one and get my mirror covers on as well Thanks for the link Steve, Definetly be ordering one of those
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    My new b7 cab

    Very smart. Jealous of the steering!