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    B5 A4 Black roof lining

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    Gauging interest in Airfield activity day

    i did this with honda's on track and had a whale of a time. would throughly recommend the day to everyone
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    A4 B5 1.8T misfiring problem

    i had this issue and it was a engine speed sensor
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    Steering feel *again*

    over inflation of tyres?
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    inner edge tyre wear.

    mine were replaced with "oem" ones and lasted 4 months!
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    Selling up mate???

    £3400 btw if any one is interested in some parts for a black roof lining drop me a line
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    Selling up mate???

    just to add. the car was sold to a nice guy called kevin from croydon, he seemed as excited to be buying the car as i was upset at selling it! i'm now rolling deep in a tdi bora... not quite as exciting but needs must to drop my fuel bills. anyway this is adios, lots of useful info had on here.
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    inner edge tyre wear.

    they are best to be set with toe in though to accomodate for the toe out created under acceleration. sounds like worn steering arms to me.
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    vague steering, out of ideas??

    same bit of road ?
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    vague steering, out of ideas??

    balancing ?
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    A couple of problems

    drivers seat ?
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    Selling up mate???

    there's no way it would get that high a milage ! you must have had a frugal one!
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    CV Joint, 56 wrong parts.....!!!!

    i called these people and told them the details. they sent me two boxed up ready to go drive shafts i took my old ones out and fitted these zero problems i paid £220 delivered for both front shafts for a fwd 1.8t avant Driveshaft UK - reconditioned and new CV Joints
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    Selling up mate???

    good job you lot aren't here to help me sell it lol!
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    Selling up mate???

    it is strong for a stock model. Given that it has a good specification i think it is fair and lets face it, it's priced to haggle. Just fitted a complete set of drive shafts on friday too, she wants for nothing, i also have a set of track rod ends to go on this week. I am looking to replace...
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    Boot Thud

    there should be some rubber bump stops for the boot lid which you just screw out further to stop the bumping
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    petrol to diesel conversion??

    tank, pump
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    Service light clearing

    not heard of longlife? i'll have to sweet talk a tech
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    Service light clearing

    just tried lewis method. when i press A and turn to on it says OK at the top and SERVICE! in the middle, this doesn't change after 10 seconds if i release then pull B it proceeds to the time/date change mode. Mine is a y Reg ie: 2001 am i missing something?
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    Part number and info please ?

    when i had mine done i got them to do the belt as well this is a good time to do the water pump also. I don't have the part number to hand. audi will give you the exact part. Mine was £349 + vat! just for the part, i was £800 lighter by the time i was finished for that visit.