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    Super unleaded in S4

    [ QUOTE ] Seriously, If you have an S4 and you are worried about the cost difference between using 95 ron or Optimax you have bought the wrong car. Get a TDi. [/ QUOTE ] There you go, if you're wealthy you shouldn't worry about paying over the odds. What were you thinking? In fact why...
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    I get the shock, I kind of like it.
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    B6 A4 1.8T Avant 163 bhp - 5 or 6 speed?

    I remember reading that the 5 speed has a sweeter shift, I think that the 6 speed is a bit notchy.
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    NOT a personal issue - My Horn

    you would all appreciate the sound of your horns if you heard the one on the honda accord type-r, it really is the campest thing i've ever heard, it's definitely the horn of choice for the discerning investor of the pink pound.
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    Upgrading to a new b6...but which one?!

    I have a 190PS 1.8T and I get around 30mpg, with a mix of town, A roads and motorways, I would describe my driving style as brisk. I wouldn't say you have to thrash the engine at all to get performance out of it, if you are above 1500rpm then you get usable performance when you press the...
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    A4 Servicing Costs

    Is that the breakdown thing you get with the car? If so then that only lasted for the first year on my car so it didn't need to be serviced until after it expired.
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    A4 Servicing Costs

    You do have a choice, you keep your warranty now if the independant does it to the same standard as a dealer. This all changed as part of an update to the block exemption laws.
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    A4 Servicing Costs

    Hmm, I don't really trust AmD after a bad experience there. On the flip side if you're an AmD fan then it's still cheaper than a dealer. It's £40 more than I paid before VAT though; my price included the 2 year brake fluid change as well.
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    A4 1.8T Rattle

    ... or actually what peteTDI says sounds about right for mine too, since it went away after servicing and I know they cleaned all the crap out.
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    A4 Servicing Costs

    It will be interesting to see whether people are put off or not. I sold my last car at two years old, the one before at four years and the one before that at five years (all private sales) and I can't remember anyone ever checking the service record :-) I am inclined to think that it won't...
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    A4 Servicing Costs

    I've just had my second variable service done on my 1.8T (190), the car's two years old and has done 31000 miles. It cost me £237 from an independant. This included the standard long life service and the brake fluid change that you need after 2 years on the A4. I'd be interested to know how...
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    A4 1.8T Rattle

    Mine had started doing the rattle on startup (lasted about one second, sounded like a diesel) until I got it serviced last week and it went away. I reckon it was something loose on mine like the plastic engine cover or something.
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    Speeding ticket arrived today - nice surprise

    I think it's inconsistent to say that you should stick to the limit in towns but use your judgement on motorways. Especially if you've just criticised someone elses judgement without even knowing anything more than that it was a 30mph limit. I drive to and from work every weekday through a...
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    does anyone else's Climate fan speed sit at one bar???

    Wicked666 is right, on a cold day it won't turn the fans up until the heaters can actually heat the cabin. In contrast you'll notice that on a hot day it will start pumping air in really fast straight away because it's almost always cooler outside than in the cabin.
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    Just had cruise control fitted

    It's an extra stalk, I needed a new section of steering column cowling, the stalk and a new control unit. Total cost was £250. I'd been quoted £400 by AmD and didn't bother getting a quote from a dealer but was under the impression that it would be similar or more. I think that garages shoot...
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    Just had cruise control fitted

    Hi everyone, last weekend I had cruise fitted to my 1.8T 190PS 6 speed manual. I've wanted it for a while because I've heard it improves economy slightly and also I figured I could use it through heavy speed camera areas e.g. London north circular, motorway roadworks etc... er and also I can't...
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    Revo Re Map

    Also I'm getting the impression that Mr McGough has trouble staying away from new toys.
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    Climate control ; 18 or 16 degrees lowest setting?

    I never take mine off about 21 degrees and it's fine in hot or cold weather. I think temperature is a very subjective thing, some people feel hot, some cold all the time. Also if you've not got heat reflective glass then bright sun can warm your skin and clothes when the interior air temp is...
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    Top Gear Prestigious Cars

    My friend said the same about people just knowing the brand name rather than the model. I've also come across that myself with my A4. I've heard people say "Wow! It's an RS6" and also people sometimes think it's an A3 or an A8. Funny.
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    Top Gear Prestigious Cars

    [ QUOTE ] Do you mean 5th Gear? [/ QUOTE ] yup