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    This is not normal. A trip to your service department seems in order. It should be steady at a steady speed.
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    now your life can be complete

    Where's the spoon?
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    2006/56 haldex service

    My 2006 3.2q had its Haldex service at 35k.
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    3.2 Owners

    Gen2 HPP is a must!(All 3.2s are quattro, right?) VF Engine mounts, CAI, chip and then either Milltek(the cheap route) or I say go with a Supersprint exhaust(at least twice the price). Then you will be having some fun. Or you could do what Ben did! Here's a video of his 3.2tq "RS3"...
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    TT RS In Autocar!!

    I think the S5 smashes that theory all to hell.:rolleyes:
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    Why the negativity

    Just to chime in again. I think these statements are flat out incorrect. If sales are down it will be due to rising prices/gas prices/people's economic situations. This is the only reason why sales of these Audis will be down. This is an enthusiast site. 99% of most people can't tell the...
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    Why the negativity

    I don't have the exact numbers but quite a few late MY 2008 people have the timing chain vs. the belt. And I thought it had more to do with more HP vs. lower emissions. I have not followed it all that closely TBH, I am more focused on whether or not AoA will bring the A1 over to the States in...
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    Why the negativity

    That seems true. People want to support their own choices/likes/dislikes and usually they need to disparage other peoples choices/likes/dislikes because of insecurity. I say like what you like and love it.
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    Why the negativity

    That's where you are incorrect. Audi has already been shipping the modified engine for at least the last 3-4 months. That's pre-facelift. Our tuning companies over here still haven't caught up with the new engine...or at least they hadn't as of a few weeks back. In any case, I still don't...
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    Why the negativity

    I have only recently heard about improved Haldex. Has that been proven? Actually seen in the wild(vs. an email from Haldex)? Plus, at least over here, the new 2.0t has been in use for at least last half of MY2008. So I don't know if the lower emissions and lower fuel costs can rightly be...
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    Why the negativity

    It all comes down to personal preference. End of story. None of the facelift changes do anything functional, except signals in the side mirrors perhaps. I personally don't like how big the mirrors have become. And I just don't understand why Audi didn't make the LEDs the similar to the A4/A5...
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    Help I'm new - 3.2 Q DSG

    I completely agree about the engine characteristics. And if you are going to supercharge or turbo then the 3.2 is the way to go. And DSG can handle a lot more HP/torque than people give it credit it for. Really if you are going FI then the 3.2 is the perfect candidate. If I had an extra $10k I...
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    Help I'm new - 3.2 Q DSG

    That seems optimistic. I would say 16-18 mpg when driven hard is more accurate, at least in my case. Isn't the 2.0t DSG w/quattro available over there. We are getting this in Sportback form. I really think this is going to be one of more fun, more tunable cars that Audi has made in some time...
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    Calling all 3.2 DSG owners!

    If it is what I think you are talking about it is either the fuel pump pressurizing or the Evap. leak detection pump. Am I correct to assume it is coming from the back of the vehicle? If that is it then it has nothing to do with your car being DSG or not. Next time you get in your car see if...
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    Pics of the new mota....

    I love the color. But is that an A3 or the new Q3. Get that thing dropped!
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    S3 after facelift 7-speed gearbox

    I can't seem to find anything that says that but I believe it to be true as well. Here in the U.S. we are getting a 2.0t DSG w/quattro, which is the first time that combo has been offered. No reason why they wouldn't put that in the S3. In fact that is the only way to get the TT-S over here as well.
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    S3 after facelift 7-speed gearbox

    Are you talking about this 7-speed DSG? Yes it does have the power you speak of, but it is not dry clutch nor will it work in models with a transversely installed engines, like the A3! It is longitudinal only. Good news for the A4/A6 crowd but not the A3/S3 folks.
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    S3 after facelift 7-speed gearbox

    That would be news I haven't seen. In April, Audi announced the changes to the line. The engines that are due to get the 7-speed dry-clutch DSG are the 1.6, the 1.4 TFSI and the 1.8 TFSI. So unless they are scrapping the 2.0t for the 1.8t I don't see it. Here is the press release from...
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    Look what I found on Top Gears website.

    That would be an embarrassment. I've never understood why BMW can get 333 HP out of a 3.2l 6-cylinder engine(M3) and Audi/VW gets 250 HP out of a 3.2l VR6(3.2 A3/R32). Sometimes Audis seem anemic and underpowered.
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    Check This Car Out!

    I liked it better when it was in the box!