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    Beaulieu Meet Sat 9th Feb 2pm

    It has been raining since I left work, but now I'm about to leave it's stopped! Didn't have time to clean the old girl :( Ahh well, see you in a bizzle peeps!!!!!
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    Beaulieu Meet Sat 9th Feb 2pm

    Ahhh, this'll be today! Fingers crossed for half decent weather, see y'all in a bit peeps!
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    Beaulieu Meet Sat 9th Feb 2pm

    Prawn - be there! I will do my best to be, about time we had another meet down here!!!
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    Snow pictures........

    Some from our antics today. Unfortunately I was the only one with FWD (Coupe) so didn't get to play! Took nearly 500 photos somehow!
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    Anyone with VCDS pass through/near Salisbury at all?

    It's a bit random. Sometimes I can stop for 2 mins, go again and it's fine. Other times I can park up for 20 mins, and it's still doing it. Can be when the engine is hot or cold etc. Very confusing...
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    Anyone with VCDS pass through/near Salisbury at all?

    Hi all, Can't see anyone too close to me on the users map, just wondering if anyone ever passes near me? For some reason if I floor my car in 5th at low revs, it kinda goes into a semi limp mode. So once I shift down and try to accelerate in a lower gear, not a lot happens, takes ages to get up...
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    Hampshire meet

    I can do Hampshire, not far from Salisbury!!
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    Audis in the Park 2013

    I really enjoyed the last AITP, so was looking forward to next years, but I have a question; Has anyone sorted Billing's overwhelming addiction to ripping people off? I held the first 2 Mk2 Golf OC's annual meets there, where we charged our members a pretty small amount to camp for the weekend...
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    My 2.6E V6 Coupe
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    Stopped by the police!!!

    Most weeks in one of my Mk2 golfs. It was a matter of millimeters off the floor, and roads in Salisbury are the worst in the world, so I used to have to dodge all the craters, to be pulled and asked if I have been drinking etc & be breathalized. Grab my car & try to shake it love, then look back...
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    The ASN Clubstand Attendees List ***no discussions***

    JoJo - Joe -S3 8L - Black Reesy - Chris - A3 8L - Blue ScottB5 - Scott - A4 B5 - Red <tuffty/> - Paul - S3 8L - Silver Jay A3 - Jay - A3 8L - White Aragorn - Kev - A4 B5 - Mystery lucky dip Cribbon - Just Plain Old - Stoke_Audi - FranA3 - Fran - A3 8P - Red Nez - - S4 B5 - Red CMD - Colin - A4...
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    August Meet South central/South East

    Still laughing about the eggs now! Yeah go again in September, found a different pub a bit further down with a bigger carpark and a bit more 'new foresty' Prices outside looked a bit better too. Might be worth a squirt!
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    Digital Radio

    Definately seen these things in Halfords. You an get this DAB box that plugs into the back of your headunit, and hides behind the dash so you can't see it. I have a feeling that you need a second aerial depending on which one you go for though. Worth a ganders. T
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    August Meet South central/South East

    Yeah, it's what I was talking about. Not from who I said though, someone who's done a better job I reckon! Oh well, you'll get to see in a couple of days! T
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    August Meet South central/South East

    I take it we're still doing this on this Sunday? I'm dropping my car off in the morning to have a little something something done... :D
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    August Meet South central/South East

    It's in the works ;)
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    Audi Driver's International - 13th October 2012 - ***Official Thread***

    This is only down the road from me, so should be able to tag along. Every time I have been to something here though, there's only been a few spaces per club? Or does this event work different to the VW ones I used to go to?
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    Rolling Road Day

    I'd be up for it while my car is still standard, would be good to see what I'm up against!
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    Audis in the park - Sunday 12th August

    Massive cheer for everyone who helped set up today! Was my first Audi meet and most definately won't be the last! T
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    AITP -Free BBQ

    Woop! Apart from waking up just now to a wet car (Many hours wasted!) I'm still extremely excited! Almost time to leave! :D