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  1. herbie

    Newbie from Scotland

    Welcome! Hope you sort your cars niggles out. Even if sellers seem older and more mature, when it comes to buying a car I dont trust anyone lol
  2. herbie

    New owner from Scotland

    Howdy :D
  3. herbie

    Needing some advice with detailing... S3... need suggestions

    Ive always been meaning to buy some Collinite but never got round to it!! Just one question tho, on that link it says Collinite has 'no cleaners' in it - Is it bad to have cleaners in a wax and why? I'm currently using Meq's Cleaner Wax, for sub £10 it's pretty good.
  4. herbie

    new guy from aberdeen

    Hi :)
  5. herbie

    Another new one from Aberdeen

    Howdy :D
  6. herbie

    Hello from Bonnie Scotland

    Hi there, Id do your research before buying a 2.0 TDi, their problems are well documented n here.
  7. herbie

    rs6 gearbox issue

    Hi Nigel, Try having a look about on here.... Forum :: The World's #1 Audi R, S and RS Enthusiast Website • Index page
  8. herbie

    Chips away, Any good??

    Yeah I emailed that pictures to Chipsaway head office. Absolutely no reply lol.
  9. herbie

    There's A Traitor In The Camp

    The looks are deffo growin on me, looks spot on in white. Regardless what folk say, I rather like the interior. Would love a drive of one.
  10. herbie

    Chips away, Any good??

    I told him I was horrified by the repair. He said, no-one else would notice!! After 5 mintues of me me moaning, he got stroppy with me and said 'fine I wont charge you then!' He turned his back and walked back into his workshop.
  11. herbie

    Chips away, Any good??

    here's the work they did on my rear bumper....
  12. herbie

    R-Tech Mk4 R32 Custom Remap - Review

    Quite good gains from a NA engine, especially the torque. Must be a differnent car to drive :)
  13. herbie

    Machine Polished......... Bit tired!

    Looking good :) What products did you use?
  14. herbie

    Newbie from Aberdeenshire

    LOL unlucky, did you nea put the clips in that you gt with the deflectors? Im not having a great time with deflectors either, one of them shattered when installing!!
  15. herbie

    Chips away, Any good??

    Sorry to bump an old thread but I've just had work done today on a scuff by ChipsAway, Aberdeen branch. The repair was shockingly bad, I never paid for it! It was only a small scuff but now half my bumper looks dull and full of orange peel. Avoid!!!
  16. herbie

    Hiya from aberdeen

    Hi Baz :-)
  17. herbie

    A4 Front End Spares?

    I will have s-line fog grills available sometime this week if you aint been fixed up yet.
  18. herbie

    Newbie from Glasgow

    Howdy :)