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    Allan McNish Audi R18 Le Mans, Big crash

    Very lucky all round, heard the bang from the campsite, not the only crash but certainly the biggest, seemed to be a lot of "traffic" for the lead audis towards the end One of the commentators in the pits said that the only straight part of the car was the wheely bin sized safety cell he sits in !
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    Intermittent knocking from front suspension

    Anti roll bar bushes or links are likely suspects
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    S4 Front drive shafts

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    disc and pad suppliers?

    Ferrodo make the pads for Audi, so if you find a motorfactor that sell them they should be cheaper than the oe which will be identical but have an audi box. make sure their the FDB range tho not the FSL as their the cheaper version.
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    Suspension arms?

    also how much tread is on the n/s wheel as mine would do the same until i replaced the tire, think can also have something to with the diffs winding up too much but i may be wrong.
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    Right before I go and sell wheels, opinions please?

    never been a massive fan of the b6 s4's think it's the rounded center caps that just don't quite look right. Agreed on the std's had one on mine the other day as my spare and made me think about getting a full set, pity as you say they'r only 17's
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    S3 how many miles is too many miles?????

    300k miles x 27ish mpg now thats a lot of petrol lol I would guess at that mileage it's had at least one turbo and clutch and most likely most suspension parts changed. If she drives nicely and everything feels as it should I cant see a problem with it, I've owned several s3's and one which had...
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    Retrofitting Cruise Control

    I think i's fairly straight forward, basicly swapping the stalks and a bit of loom and then recoding with vag-com, but i may be wrong
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    iPhone 4...

    Had mine for a couple of months now, still loving it! usually get a day to a day and a half from normal useage. turning the 3g off saves a fair bit of battery especially if your in a poor signal area.
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    Springs and Dampers......... Decision made......... FINALLY!

    I could well be tempted, tho after xmas.
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    New Audi S4 owner checking in

    Love how people have just spent the best part of a grand for you lol Nice car, just keep on top of the servicing and she should keep you smiling for a long time to come.
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    Boot lip spoiler or not ??

    is that the std audi job? mine had one originally but luckily someone has since removed it, the only giveaway is the "do not press down on the spoiler" sticker in the boot lol
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    Boot lip spoiler or not ??

    am i right in thinking these are off an e46 m3?
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    B5 S4 Thermostat change

    what is it with audi and thermostats, i did one on my old s3 last year and that was a pain in the rear to get to as well.
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    robbing gits

    Naa they just lifted the squirty bit out of the top and snapped it off
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    robbing gits

    Not as bad as it could have been, but all the more annoying that they decided to break mine for the sake of £24
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    robbing gits

    link? did a quick hunt but couldn't find em I know they work when you hold the washers for a second or so with the lights on, but as my car rarely gets dirty i'm not too worried about needing to use them lol
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    robbing gits

    Came back to my car this morn to find some fooker has ripped off my headlight washers leaving me with 2 holes, a puddle of screenwash and a fecking annoying beep to remind me of the fact when i start the car. Anyone know if you can get just the top parts of the washers? not bothered about them...
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    Horrible rattle...

    best thing to do is run a tape measure around where the belt would go, or a bit of string then measure. gates do a 5pk: 1413 1435 1440 1453 1482 1495 damn i've been working in a factors too long lol
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    high idle speed s4

    Trust me I've spent 3 weeks searching for an answer to this. I've tried with and without moving the throttle and various lengths of time with the ign on and off. Ive even left the battery off overnight to try and get it to reset. But the vag-com way was they only thing that worked.