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    Well, my little baby has just been sold. Get to look at her for 5 more days until she is collected,but then thats it. Just wanted to say goodbye to everyone on here thanks for all the help you guys have provided, and hopefully i didn't steer people too far wrong either. Cheers Matt
  2. Avant4me

    Avant quattro Sport 1.9TDi - Notice of intended sale

    Guys and gals This is not a for sale add so don't shoot me down in flames. However it is likely that by baby will be up for sale. I thought i would give forum users first dibs if anyone is interested. 2003 B6 1.9 TDI quattro sport Full factory fitted quattro kit, later called the S-line kit RS4...
  3. Avant4me

    Bose system crackling- Fine when warm though?!

    Where exactly is that connector, its just the fronts on mine.
  4. Avant4me

    Revo remap logs on AGU .

    N75 duty of over 80% is bad!. Basically this is the proportion of how closed the actuator is, so you can read it as a percentage of the exhaust gasses being used to produce boost. If your using 99.6% to generate your boost then you have a boost leak or a duff N75. Had the old AUQ engine which...
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    Identifying Thermostat in VCDS

    Hi there, i am trying hard to identify a possible dicky thermostat as a cause for high fuel consumption. THere are numerous measuring blocks within VCDS which measure "Temperature". I know that the reading for the dash guage and the ecu are taken in different places. Anyone know specifically...
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    Whats your average MPG for a 1.9 TDI 130???????? MINES BAD I THINK??????

    Well i get around 36-38mpg fillip to fillip. Never rely on car computers. Have always thought mine was a bit low. Anyone care to say which measuring block on VAG Com identifies the thermostat temp? Matt
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    Gear Box & Diff Oil Change

    The only Temperature control required is like changing the oil in the engine, needs to be hot to get it all out!!! It will be minging when it comes out mind. mIne had done 180k
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    Audi A4 B6 Avant supspention question...

    B5 spring cups will drop the front a further 15mm and even out the gap front to rear. Avants sit a lot lower at the rear for some reason.
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    Gear Box & Diff Oil Change

    Had all my fluids replaced at the last service and i have to say GL4 and GL5 fluids are expensive. The mechanic who drained the old out said it was completely broken down and definitely needed replacing. Glad it was done.
  10. Avant4me

    Traffic Light grand Prix - S4 vs Hanspree 600RR

    Have you taken leave of your senses man ?/\ I doubt any car is more fun than a bike.
  11. Avant4me

    Rear drop links??

    Is there something special about the rear drop links on the B6 Chasis? Its just after getting the priced of nearly £40 each for drop links from Audi, i thought i would look at pattern ones and there are so few around. None on ebay at all, plenty for the B5 and B8. Even Euro carparts want £20...
  12. Avant4me

    S-Line or S4

    S Line ones as i prefer colour coded bodies
  13. Avant4me

    Call from Audi about ECU Update?

    There are various parts to the ECU. A tuning remap will only affect the driving side of the car, ie the engine. a dealer remap could cover anything covered by the ECU.
  14. Avant4me

    standard avf tdi 1.9 boost pressure ?

    Believe its around 15psi
  15. Avant4me

    Who the hell made that decision??

    I would truly love to know who was present at the design meeting where Audi decided that having no brake lights at all, only warranted a yellow light on the dash rather than a red one!!! Got the ABS/ESP lights on today when on a little drive, 5 mins later i get the flashing glow plug. Put the...
  16. Avant4me

    Avant tailgate won't click shut anymore!

    Washer fluid from the wiper affects the micro switch inside. Take the lock out and dry it off and spray with contact cleaner and it will be good as new. In the mean time there is a tiny switch inside which you can flick with the key to make it work for now but you will have to do it every time...
  17. Avant4me

    Armrest catch

    IT is repairable. Getting the lid is about the most difficult part! Separate the two parts of the lid, then assemble all the bits of the catch assuming you have them all. I used JB Weld to fix mine and it worked a treat. Still holding strong after the extremes of temp we had over winter to...
  18. Avant4me

    18" wheels for my avant 2001

    With replacement wheels its likely to be simple economics, 235 tyres are not as common as 225 so they cost more!! If your trying to build a package and want to be competetive, its an easy way to do it.
  19. Avant4me

    TDI 130 Diesel Tuning box chip...

    How much you paying?? Not uncommon to get a remap for £260 which last time i checked was less than a tuning box
  20. Avant4me

    Tailgate lock

    Might not be the solenoid, the Avants have problems with the squirter leaking on the boot lock wiring.