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  1. putang

    Dog bone mount woof woof!

    do not get a power flex unless your tracking it. They are horrible for everyday driving. They rattle the car to bits
  2. putang

    Post pics of your A3/S3

    lol i thought he meant the petrol filler cap, what is that. Wheels look nice on it mate car looks very different, well done.
  3. putang

    New S3, Arm rest stuck in the up postion.

    Good lad, keep her looking sweet.
  4. putang

    New S3, Arm rest stuck in the up postion.

    I am really sorry i forgot all about that with the arm rest millermk1. I really hope your happy with the car i put a lot of effort into keeping that car in A1 condition. I sent off the v5 yesterday so you should get it through the post soon. Enjoy her, i did.
  5. putang

    Lower exterior trim removal

    See the screws in question holding the exterior trim to the door. Does anyone know the bolt size (width/length plz)
  6. putang

    Selling up

    I'm afraid it's time to sell up, new job. It's a 52 plate 47k black excellent condition Just put bbs lm copies on with Avon rubber done about 250 miles. New milltek exhaust done about 200 miles Serviced very regular, oil change every 4-5k bilstein dampers recently fitted. I live in...
  7. putang

    How old are you S3 drivers/owners??

    Just turned 30, it was a tough one.
  8. putang

    Milltek non res

    sounds great djarchive. Where is the best place to get a pipewerx dp, straight from pipewerx? Also whats the cost?
  9. putang

    Milltek non res

    I ordered it through star performance. the bill was £550 fitted but there was an mot and and a check up with that. Will find out the actual exhaust price without fitting and let you know mate.
  10. putang

    Milltek non res

    It's loud enough, I like the fact it's pretty quiet. Sorry mate it's staying on the car. What down pipe is a good fit at a decent price
  11. putang

    BIG Thankyou to Polished Bliss........

    I know nobody was saying otherwise, i was just stating why i liked pb.
  12. putang

    My 'new' A3 Shine Shots...

    top work mate. Always nice to see someone taking the time to clean and care for there car properly. Not a swirl mark in sight :)
  13. putang

    My new S3 front end

    Looking good mate, well done for getting tore into it yourself.
  14. putang

    Milltek non res

    Just had a milltek cat back fitted to my s3 (3"down pipe to come) I am really surpeised how quiet it is, not that i am complaining because i wanted to keep it quiet. Will the exhaust get louder after time?
  15. putang

    BIG Thankyou to Polished Bliss........

    polished bliss do an amazing job and there knowledge is top class, main reason i shop there. The other is they give there say on products and only sell what they would put on cars personally.
  16. putang

    Lowering on 18's

    Totally agree jamie. I have been down the cheap coilover route and would never go there again. I went down the bilstein fixed route and so glad i did they are amazing, best mod to my car by far.
  17. putang

    Can I use Billy B8s without lowering springs?

    James i was running b8s with eibach -25mm spring with standard wheels and the ride quality is superb. The shocks are quite soft about town( not soft but very comfortable) when you start to wind it on they really start to work. I have not long put 18s on my car and the ride quality is not as...
  18. putang

    Audi S3 - 2010 - Blackfire'd

    Amazing work jimmy. Blackfire is amazing stuff just need the wax when Rich gets it back in stock:thumbsup:
  19. putang

    wheel refurb.. anyone think this would work

    Gtechniq c5 wheel armour is a good bet. Your wheels will be so easy to clean.
  20. putang

    Which detailer spray??

    Agree with you there JD09 for the price its a no brainer