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  1. Olivia watson

    Vehicle light malfunction

    I have been through the same scenario a few months back and I was so tense about it, but gladly after a lot of market search I came across the perfect solution. I read over the internet that signs like “Parking Light Failure”, “Side/Daytime lights fault”, ”Daytime/Parking lamp malfunction” are...
  2. Olivia watson

    What rim color for my A3?

    Are you able to share some photos of your car? Thanks..
  3. Olivia watson

    What rim color for my A3?

    I suggest go for black
  4. Olivia watson

    Honeycomb grill

    Now see this one.
  5. Olivia watson

    Honeycomb grill

    I'm not sure if it's from China or not, but it's similar.
  6. Olivia watson

    reg plate lights (i know i know)

    I think that rather than spending more time on the coding process and other fixing methodologies you should buy Audi A3 8P S3 8PA A4 B6 B7 A6 C6 4F Q7 4L LED Number Plate Lights. I did the same when my licence plate lights were not functioning, I looked for almost all the ways to fix them by any...
  7. Olivia watson

    Error free p21w/382 bulbs?

    You should give a try to Lumro BA15S P21W 382 Super White DRL Bulbs. These bulbs are not like the canbus bulbs and are completely error free. Once you get these installed, I am sure you won't see any on-board computer errors. I bought a pair of these bright white bulbs and it turned out to work...
  8. Olivia watson

    Hi all new to this page.

    welcome to the forum steven
  9. Olivia watson

    New S6 owner!!

    nice car paul :friends:
  10. Olivia watson

    The Number in a Photo thread

  11. Olivia watson

    nox sensor part number/types

    Hello Friend, In the last flooding rain my car was badly affected and caused ECU water intrusion due to which i saw P229F92 error code on my computer dashboard, I searched a lot on the internet that why am I seeing this error code, so I got to know that there this error code shows that my nox...
  12. Olivia watson

    What type of locking wheel nut is this?

    it's a wheel lock , here you can find details
  13. Olivia watson

    2008 Audi S5 Coupe, FOG light LED upgrade

    Where did you buy the LED fog lights for your Audi?
  14. Olivia watson

    Xenon headlight bulb

    You must purchase a D3S bulb to replace the OEM replacement for the main beam headlight bulb on your vehicle. Among the several sellers in the United Kingdom, I would recommend you to buy from that stocks D3S bulbs for multiple...
  15. Olivia watson

    2014 audi a3 number plate lights

    can you elaborate more on this .. thanks
  16. Olivia watson

    2023 Rs3 owner. First audi

    Congratulations steve, waiting for the pics
  17. Olivia watson

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    New alloy wheels have been installed :Black B7:
  18. Olivia watson

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    you too Sandra. Enjoy:hi: