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  1. Shy19s

    Not holding boost & Rev hunting..

    Thanks for getting back to me, im moving to bournemouth at the end of the week.. but if your about one evening this week and the weather isnt stupid like today, give me a ring.. I changed the MAF.. but does the fault codes need to be wiped.. if so does anyone close to camberley area have Vagcom?
  2. Shy19s

    Not holding boost & Rev hunting..

    no body has any idea what might be the problem?
  3. Shy19s

    Not holding boost & Rev hunting..

    Hi guys, having a bit of a problem.. boost gauge shows it hits 1.3 bar and then will slowly drop down to 0.8... whereas before it would hold 1.3 until around 6k and then slowly drop.... if Im in low revs, and I floor it, it will rev hunt until it hits full boost, but still doesn't hold it. I've...
  4. Shy19s


    A stripped out mk2 1.9 on carbs shocked me tonight.. it was a proper tuned engine but still. Some cars are getting quick! Its good when you get a car that keeps up with you, wanna make it faster!
  5. Shy19s

    My minor modding thread

    looking forward to this one! Good choice mate.
  6. Shy19s

    Shell vpower or tesco super

    my m8 has had a 400bhp evo 6 for a couple of years now and he regulates between the two all the time and says there is no noticable difference, i've also tried it and dont think there is a major difference but again can sort of notice abit more eagerness on Vpower, but it could just be in my head.
  7. Shy19s

    Pro's and con's to fitting the dump valve to the cold side?

    I think its a good idea, because its the colder air after the intercooler in recirculated into the turbo, making a percentage of the air even colder when it goes through the turbo and back round the system.. decreasing your inlet temps.
  8. Shy19s

    Lots of bits for sale for an Audi A3 1.8T and 1.6 Engines, and other parts!

    Got a few bits and bobs for sale, have a look... Intercoolers, Decat pipe, A/C compressors.. etc etc Also have some other parts like powersteering pump, standard shocks and springs for both engines..MAF for a 1.6 and...
  9. Shy19s

    Erect miltek

    Kev i was thinking of you today.. went out to feed my addiction of boost today and when i stopped to let the car cool down, the tail pipes was practically poking right out of the bumper.. like huge different not even a little bit.. Its mad?! My milltek even gets excited when I go out for a burn.
  10. Shy19s


    Are all these prices including the new injectors and custom remap too?
  11. Shy19s

    Alternator Gone

    Dudes, half the "genuwine" parts that you get at the main dealer, are exactly the same from Euro's or GSF etc.. just get the best one, for example, Bosch, LUK, Sachs etc etc.. if you call up any VAG parts desk they all use these brands, but just put the VAG stamp on it. You can get your old...
  12. Shy19s

    Car wont start, just clicks!

    This also happens when your starter goes, 2/3 bolts on the bottom of the Gearbox, get it off, give it a live feed and earth it on the metal part of the casing, see if it spins, and check the other solenoid to see if it jumps out. If not, then you know whats wrong.. you can get a free battery...
  13. Shy19s

    aircon not working

    If it does turn out to be the A/C compressor, i have 2 for sale. PM moi, all the best with it.
  14. Shy19s

    Advice on keeping a cold engine bay..

    Oil coolers is an interesting one, but got no where to put it.. got a front mount in the way.. where else do people put them..? maybe behind the top vent... the only slats, vents i would ever get is the 4 slits in the wing, subtle and effective, only problem is the A3/S3's are very round cars...
  15. Shy19s

    Recommended Rolling Road please..

    Has anyone had any experience with surrey rolling road in chertsey?
  16. Shy19s

    Recommended Rolling Road please..

    Anyone know of a decent rolling road around the london/surrey area that is reliable, who wont give me ******** figures?
  17. Shy19s

    Advice on keeping a cold engine bay..

    Thats all gone. long time ago.
  18. Shy19s

    Advice on keeping a cold engine bay..

    Hey guys, just got back into the UK and been driving around recently and noticing a very hot engine bay.. I could go for a drive, stop somewhere and the coolant temp could still be up near 90 after 40 mins to an hour of me being in it.. how long after a boosting session do you guys drive...
  19. Shy19s


    cool man, just a word of warning, i just done mine and as i had to cut away at the bumper, it was on/off/on/off seeing where it was touching the cooler, dont push down on the bumper to see how close it is.. i bent a few fins on the cooler by mistake...:banghead: looks really good though.. im...