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  1. ash-s3-8p

    Facelift software on pre facelift?

    Does anybody know what makes the facelift crackle and pop on over run? Im probably wrong but my guess is its just software. If so is it possible to make changes or have the software updated on the pre facelift?
  2. ash-s3-8p

    S3 Centre silencer/resonator delete

    i have heard the facelift s3 doesn't have the centre resonator, and is slightly louder because of this? I'm guessing Audi wouldn't have just taken the box out and left it at that, can anyone shed some light on this?
  3. ash-s3-8p

    Noise after Hard Braking

    I have had a similar thing recently after braking hard to avoid a deer, although i didn't accelerate hard after. I had to pull over and check the foot wells and boot liner as it sounded like a marble rolling around and bumping into things as i changed direction and accelerated/braked, but found...
  4. ash-s3-8p

    Super Sports Seats

    personally i don't think they offer a huge amount more support than the standard seats (still very comfortable), i love mine but i mainly specked them because of looks and any extra support they do give is a bonus! its all personal preference in my opinion.
  5. ash-s3-8p

    Bang & Olufsen or Audi Sound System

    completely agree with jassy, the audi sound system is good value for money but if your into your music the B&O is a masterpiece (still can't get my head round how loud it goes) also the illuminated strips around the speakers are a nice touch and in my opinion add to making the inside feel that...
  6. ash-s3-8p

    What do you hate???

    sticky labels that don't peel off properly!
  7. ash-s3-8p

    Slight pause at redline before shifting

    i noticed the same the other day, it too was after a kick down 2nd to 3rd gear change, it was almost as if it had bounced off a limiter for a second before taking the next gear. I'm sure someone will correct me if i am wrong but I'm sure i have heard the rs3 sound like it taps the limiter a few...
  8. ash-s3-8p

    Poor performance s3 dipped headlights

    i had my led lights checked at the weekend and they were fine apparently, i was told that they have reset the system and to see what its like. i was also told that the led lights have a much flatter beam compared to the xenons that have a higher kick on one side. so far i haven't really noticed...
  9. ash-s3-8p

    Good rubber mats?

    Another vote for dealer rubber A3 mats from me, good fit, good quality and less than £40!
  10. ash-s3-8p

    Poor performance s3 dipped headlights

    i also feel like the dipped beam on the LED's is way too low/short (full beam is brilliant), the dipped beam on my previous 8P was definitely a lot longer, does anyone know if the LED's can be adjusted in the same way as the xenon's?
  11. ash-s3-8p

    SD Sat Nav - Fitted as Standard

    Awesome stuff, what colour did you go for? Im loving mine thanks, its a big improvement over the 8p, just need to get my headlights checked out as the beam seems unusually low!
  12. ash-s3-8p

    SD Sat Nav - Fitted as Standard

    This is pretty much the same response that i had from Audi, as i ordered it before the price increase/sat nav change, they kept the price down and didn't include the nav, like you said you win some, you loose some! hows the new car?
  13. ash-s3-8p

    SD Sat Nav - Fitted as Standard

    i'm pretty sure the car was built early to mid October, so ill have a word with audi tomorrow and ill post what i find out incase anyone else is in the same boat as me!
  14. ash-s3-8p

    SD Sat Nav - Fitted as Standard

    i took delivery of an s3 this week that was ordered late august, i did not spec nav and it doesn't have it but it has all of the other my16 changes (i only realised after researching why i had smaller shift paddles than expected), looks like i'll be having a word with audi on this one!
  15. ash-s3-8p

    Stroke Association Supercar Saturday at Castle Combe 31st October 2015

    hi all, i thought i would post a link to the Stroke Associations supercar Saturday webpage, its a good day out and passenger rides will be running all day with some really quick cars on track ranging from old and new exotics to proper race cars like radicals and saloon racers, (personal...
  16. ash-s3-8p

    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    my s3 is for sale here, offers welcome! 43,000 full audi service history i am the second owner from new cambelt, water pump, haldex, dsg, and full service all completed at main dealer shark stage 1 engine and dsg remaps (it shifts seamlessly) brilliant red with black styling pack, full black...