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    Audi A7 gearbox malfunction P179D

    I will vouch for milta, my 2015 a7 box failed, everywhere else wanted £3.5K + to fix, they did for £2.5k all in , not cheap, but the cheapest, and event 2 weeks out of warranty, I had a small issue (nothing serious) and they fixed it for free.
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    A5 AC and fan issue

    Hi, I have a 2010 A5 3.0tdi quattro sportback, and the ac is not working and afer doing a vcds scan I have discovered a cooling fan issue as well, the relevent parts of the scan are: Address 01: Engine (J623-CCWA) Labels: 059-907-401-V1.clb Part No SW: 8R0 907 401 J HW: 8K1 907 401 A Component...
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    Slow and sticking wipers

    There is a common fault on vag cars, water gets into the wiper linkage and it seizes up, happened to my 2005 a6, had to take arms off and liberally spray wd-40 into it, leave to soak, and apply rease after, and put wiper arms back on. if no joy with that, thw whole thing had to come out and be...
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    2005 A6 Aircon problems

    Try these: Air conditioning inoperative Air conditioning inoperative 2020124-2 Cleaning of the air conditioning refrigerant circuit Climate system may not cool sufficiently Climate System, May Not Cool Sufficiently Driver side cooler than passenger side Temperature different between...
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    Cigarette Lighter Fuse location?

    What car do you have - my one is a C6 3.0tdi saloon
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    Cigarette Lighter Fuse location?

    It is in the boot on the drivers side - I think there a 2 banks of fuses there (above the battery) I cannot remember which one it is, just remove one by one and check (and replace if blown)
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    A6 wiper blades

    Not a bad price - but I used these FLAT WINDSCREEN WIPER BLADE RUBBER REFILLS AERO-TWIN on eBay (end time 28-Feb-11 14:24:54 GMT) - cost about £11.50 - and wipers work like new. It basically replaces the wiper blade and not the housing it sits it..... But pays your money and take your choice.
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    MMI not showing some options

    For battery level use: The easiest way, at home is to use Vag-Com and do the following: Connect VAG-COM Select Control Module "07", Click on "Adaptation" Select Adaptation Channel: 08 0-Hidden Menu Disabled 1-Hidden Menu Enabled Enter value "1" Click "Test", followed by "Save" Close & reboot...
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    A6 C6 Avant '07 2.0 TDI - hazard lights switch on and flat battery

    Audi are correct - the battery needs to be coded in the battery manager unit of the car, but if you get a new bigger battery and do not fix the hazzard light problem, the bigger battery will go flat as well - this is not good for a battery, first fix the hazzard light problem, and then the battery.
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    A6 C6 Avant '07 2.0 TDI - hazard lights switch on and flat battery

    Get the part number from audi and where it is, you can then buy from anywhere like euro car parts or gsf..... This is a common fault on volksvagan audi cars, any garage will be able to fit it, pull out the okd on and replace with new.....
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    A6 C6 Avant '07 2.0 TDI - hazard lights switch on and flat battery

    Most likey a faulty indicator/hazard light relay, sorry cannot tell you where it is, but try VagCat boards (Powered by Invision Power Board), and goto the catalogue, select your model, and look under electrical and find the relay, or try an audi parts dept in person, they have diagrams and can...
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    Does my car have a cambelt 3.0TDI

    My 2005 3.0 Tdi SE quattro - engine type BMK does not have a cambelt, but at 70K miles it needed its diesel timing belt an tensioner changing, apparently this is not a cam belt (as the car has a chain for that). Best to call a specialist or audi dealer and make sure.
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    2005 Audi A6 MMI is dead. Help is needed to identify the fault

    There is a fuse in the boot (5amp) that controls radio and nav, when you unlock the car, lights should come on the nav unit in boot, can you eject the disc, if it is all dead then fuse, otherwise I am not sure, but it suddenly going dead smacks of a fuse blown
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    Smashed Wing Mirror!!!

    I need just the drivers side glass for 2005 A6 3.0tdi quattro (4F), It is heated auto dimming and has the little verticle dashes on the right hand side of the glass, the auto dimming liquid has started to leak from the top of the glass.....
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    Help - definitive how to for pollen filter!

    One minor addition - there a 2 filters in ther, the other one is above the bottom one....... So more cost to replace
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    Smashed Wing Mirror!!!

    NHN - sorry for hijacking this thread but I have a 2005 3.0tdi A6 Quatrro (4F) which the drivers side mirror is heated and dimming, it seems to have gone faulty, as though there is some liquid behind it, I assume it needs replacing, do you stil have you german contact and if so how much would a...
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    A6 3.0TDI - White/ Blue Smoke on acceleration

    Quite possibly oil seal in turbo gone... and oil going into exhaust. Check oil level if it is losing oil, then it is the seal. Fix sooner rather than later.
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    MMI problems (bootloader screen) A6 C6....ADMITTEDLY SELF INFLICTED

    Sorry I cannot help with the actual problem - but maybe worth posting on this forum, - a lot more info and experts on MMI there
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    Battery drain. Pulling fuse`s help/advice needed.

    Sorry cannot help with the actual nitty gritty of shutting the car down - but my guess woujld be it is the radio/stereo, not turning off, had same problem on my 2005 A6 C6, had to do a software update of the car's MMI software which fixed the bug. Try searching for A4 technical service...
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    A4 18T 2003. Battery drain. HELP!

    The battery drain is normally due to something in the car not shutting down when you turn off the car. This leads to other itmes in the car staying "on ", which when left for 2/3 days without driving flattens the battery. My 2005 A6, had same problem, a friends BMW 530d had same problem, both...