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  1. TaylorK

    Advice Needed - Full main dealer servicing

    Quick question, as my car is a 2007 a3 s line 2ltr tdi with 75k on the clock, I am wondering if it is worth using an independant specialist instead rather than main dealer as the car is 8 years old now. The service at my local audi dealer (plymouth) is absoltely shocking and is enough to put me...
  2. TaylorK

    Oil type and threaded screw advice

    I was hoping somone could help me out. I noticed my car is low on oil and I'm unsure which oil to use as I don't know if I have a dpf or not. My car is a 2007 a3 sline with the 140bhp tdi engine and it is serviced yearly. Hopefully that is enough information to go on. Also, my numberplate bulb...
  3. TaylorK

    Snapped Glovebox Hinge :(

    Just wanted to ask if anyone knows what is the best way to fix a broken hinge on the left side of a glove box? Any idea of how much a fix would cost from either Plymouth or Truro Audi?
  4. TaylorK

    Iphone 5 adaptors for ipod cable?

    Not too sure on which adaptor I should buy for a iPhone 5 to fit my 30 pin iPod cable, Any suggestions?
  5. TaylorK

    Any photos of tt speedlines on an a3?

    Would they fit?
  6. TaylorK

    How Much? Brake Fluid Change & Air Conditioning service

    Does anyone know what I can expect to pay at a dealer for a brake fluid change and air con service?
  7. TaylorK

    8P3 3 door Rear diffuser S line/Sport compatability

    Does anyone know if the diffuser on a 8p3 sport can be changed without needing a new bumper? Any idea on prices involved?
  8. TaylorK

    Car upgradge, Engine downgrade?

    After selling my 2004 8p1 2.0 tdi with 116k on the clock, I've decided to upgrade to an 8p3. I've found a 1.6 fsi which I like, with only 36k on it. would I really notice a difference from the 2.0tdi to the 1.6? both in terms of economy and performance? Thanks
  9. TaylorK

    8p1 Mod Ideas?

    That sounds like an idea! its a sport, any other ideas what I could do?
  10. TaylorK

    8p1 Mod Ideas?

    Its a 2004, brilliant black 3 door!
  11. TaylorK

    8p1 Mod Ideas?

    I'm starting to wonder how I can improve the look of my 8p1. Any recommendations for simple mods?
  12. TaylorK

    Cars for sale?

    I'm looking to spend about 8-8.5k on a 3 door audi a3, 2.0tdi or 1.9tdi but I can't find anything I like... has anyone got theirs up for sale?
  13. TaylorK

    A5 seats in a A4 Cab?

    has anyone tried this? Is it possible? Any photo's?
  14. TaylorK

    I'm screwed...

    Is it possible to repair a buckled wheel? I had no idea??
  15. TaylorK

    I'm screwed...

    On my drive to work it hit a rather large pothole, causing the alloy wheel to buckle.... Problem is the wheel is a replica rs4 alloy and the seller in purchased it from no longer stocks the wheel, so I now can't replace it, what should I do?
  16. TaylorK

    Have I bought the wrong oil?

    Does anyone know if 10W-40 oil is suitable for a 2004 2.0tdi? Many thanks if you do!
  17. TaylorK

    Driver door sensor...

    I've noticed that whenever I open the drivers side door the interior light no longer comes on, why is this?
  18. TaylorK

    Low speed accident

    Haha! Can't blame the car at all! Was definately down to operator error! Thanks for the advice!
  19. TaylorK

    Low speed accident

    Driving back from the beach this morning, I had a slight collision with a van... I was only only doing about 5-6mph, my front bbumper tapped the back of the van. The number plate has cracked but other than that the exterior damage to the bumper seems very limited. Is there anything mechanical I...
  20. TaylorK

    Trade in for an A4 cabriolet?

    Is this a good idea or not? Can only afford to go for a preface lift model really, would my 8p alloys fit the a4?