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    S3 8P xenon Headlights Broken Housing

    OK thanks for the reply much appreciated.
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    S3 8P xenon Headlights Broken Housing

    Thanks but i need a Pair. And plus I think bixenon have more work to do as in remapping. Thanks for the offer anyway and reply.
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    S3 8P xenon Headlights Broken Housing

    Hi guys sorry need ur Help. I have bought a pair of xenon lights and when i received them the inner housing was broken one and come out of the socket on the other. i.e the bit that holds the eyeball in the light. I saw that there is a screw to the clips which are broken. Is there a way to fix...
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    I have put Milltek in mine. Sounds sweet. A bit deeper sound not loud though. U can only notice when u floor it really. Makes throttle more responsive and smoother Deffinately.
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    Exhaust and ECU - 3.2 DSG 2005

    I just fitted milltek on mine sounds very suttle could hardly tell the difference at first but after a few days the v6 burble kicked in. It's silent when u drive slow but comes alive when u put pedal to metal lol. Wouldn't put induction kit no chance will mess up maf sensor wouldn't recommend.
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    MV Sport Audi A3 3.2 exhaust

    I just got my Milltek fitted Yesterday. The system is split in two way before the back box. Its Split up to where A cat back exhaust would normally Start. So far the Milltek is pretty Quite at first and then once the car gets warm u can hear a Deeper tone and a bit more of the V6 grunt. Still...
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    xenon, HID or day line headlights?

    i want a set too pls. 06plate
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    My first time i will be going. Never been before.
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    Milltek Exhaust for A3 3.2 V6

    Hi need your help Again. As i discussed before i want an exhaust for my 3.2. I am thinking of getting the milltek need advice for best place and Price to get. Please. Also if u have anyother advice to go for another system besided milltek. Cheers
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    New to forum A3 opinions

    I have upgraded from a ep3 Civic type R. To a A3 3.2 v6 smg. Much stronger. Luxury with power. Turbos have there fun but V6 is the way. I would recommend a A3 3door 3.2 V6 u wont go wrong. Mpg is slightly less than a Type r but not much. around 10miles on a Full tank difference. Go Audi u wont...
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    3.2 Exhausts

    Boom??? wat u mean? Has any one got or seen the neuspeed? cos i was reading it has a 3" Pipe where as the millitek has a 2.5". And neuspeed is more expensive hence better????
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    Puddle Lights

    Thanks for that will give it a go. Then will let u know.
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    Puddle Lights

    I am fitting s3 door panel which has no Puddle light hole. My existing Door panel has the light package. So want to transfer it on to the new Panels. I am stuck need help. Need to get the handle led and the puddle lights fitted. Dont know how to make the best hole. Any suggestions.
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    3.2 Exhausts

    Which is the best exhaust for the 3.2. Millitek or neuspeed. Or anyother suggestions.
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    S3 side skirts question and answer.

    Any ideas of the part no.s for the sportback s3 side skirts and sills?
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    Will the S3 Sportback rear Valance Fit On S line SB?

    I only wear mine while Driving lol. Cheers mate found them.
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    Will the S3 Sportback rear Valance Fit On S line SB?

    Cheers for that. what is the part no. for the actual valance. I would prefer new cos urs has a scratch sorry mate.
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    Will the S3 Sportback rear Valance Fit On S line SB?

    Hi These Forums are very Helpful. Got a question Regarding S3 Sportback Rear Valance. Will it fit my 06 S line sportback rear? If yes are u able to get me Part Numbers. Just got my car serviced and got a 58 a4 2.7 tdi. Was rubbish compared to my 3.2 A3. I thought it would be luxury...
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    Sportback Rear LED's

    Just Finished the Inners. Very easy once Again. Got Nice Tips. Be careful when u remove the inner Panel the metal clips can Fly off. And when putting back be careful to align Proper then bang them in place. Other wise they will bend. Another tip to connect the wire is to just slice the outer...
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    Sportback Rear LED's

    Ok Got the outers Fitted in the Rain at night. Now the inners Left to do in the morning. Took literally few minutes to change the outer. Was so Easy. Cant believe it. Lets see how hard the inners will be. Now i need someone to do the Vag com.