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    my s3 project build

    If you have removed the suction jet valve thing and the vacuum connection to the inlet manifold when you fitted the catch can then its fine. if the air was metered as they describe there would be a massive boost leak
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    Ignition Control Module

    Try swapping injectors around
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    Lcr brembo pad choice

    Thanks guys :)
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    Lcr brembo pad choice

    Hi everyone whats the latest recommendation for brake pads for the lcr brembo calipers? I have standard brembo just now and they aren't great when you stamp on them at high-ish speed, so looking for something with a bit more bite but still suited to daily/road duties. also would you suggest...
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    Replacement Screws These work too
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    Latest issue.. awful brakes

    If the op has his foot down on the throttle on boost and then hits the brakes more than once it will defo run out of servo, what i mean is there may be nothing wrong if thats the situation he's trying to diagnose as you won't be doing that normally. Heel and toe is different as its very brief...
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    Latest issue.. awful brakes

    If the car is on boost you will run out of vac servo assistance
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    Mirror heating problem

    Check continuity in the cables from the multiplug to the actual mirror glass
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    For Sale Various OEM and aftermarket S3 8L parts

    Forge recirculating dump valve, with green and yellow spring, good working order - SOLD Aftermarket TIP for K04/BAM engines - £30 Kufatec retrofit loom for heated seats, never fitted - £40 S3 312mm brake calipers and backplates, need new discs/pads/hoses - £80 Cupra R Brembo brake hose hard...
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    Audi S3 8L bi xenon group buy #3

    Great, cheers!
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    Audi S3 8L bi xenon group buy #3

    Mine arrived today, thanks! Is there a guide to installation or is it plug and play etc? Cheers
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    My Belated build thread

    Does the colour mfa only work if you have the mfsw?
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    Audi S3 8L bi xenon group buy #3

    1. Hharry100 2. Silestanix 3. Juddha 4. Jeriho 5. Scoetti 6. NikoAF 7. mid lid 8. 9. 10.