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  1. edwardgonzalez872

    Night Shift

    Doing what in the night shift I might be interested
  2. edwardgonzalez872

    New To This What Do You Guy's Think Of This Idea

    I'm planning to convert my allroad to rear wheel drive will it work or not what you guy's think[emoji13]
  3. edwardgonzalez872

    Need Mad Help

    What's up guy's I have a 2003 audi allroad which I killed the air suspension and replace it with an A6 suspension I need something more stiffer can anybody help yo resolve this issue thanks
  4. edwardgonzalez872

    Boost Gauage Install

    You can tie it in the diverter valve with a vacuum t or on the waste gate side
  5. edwardgonzalez872

    Round Thing !!

    It has to do with emissions like a purge valve
  6. edwardgonzalez872

    Suspension Help

    Yea it will fit as long as you use the upper strut plates no problem I have an allroad with a A6 suspension air bags went by by
  7. edwardgonzalez872

    Rear Brake Pads

    Yea you need a rear calipers adjustment tool you can git it harbor freight for $30 or $40
  8. edwardgonzalez872

    Using Tapatalk

    Using Tapatalk