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  1. jordann

    Any s3 sportbacks with rota grids on?

    It's not mine but a quick google search returned...
  2. jordann

    Help! Lost power steering!

    Hi, Was driving along earlier and the car beeped x3 and the steering wheel light came on and I lost power steering. We've plugged it in and this is the code, has anyone had this before and how did they resolve? Thanks!
  3. jordann

    What grills do you have?

    @S3Alex - Considering the incredible amount of work you've put in I really like how standard this car looks... It's the sort of car I wouldn't think twice about having a play with at the lights on my bike, only to be left standing at green! Haha!
  4. jordann

    Audi A3, Wont start ? all dashboard lights are on ?

    A couple of months ago I came out to my car got in and the whole dash was lit up like a Christmas tree and when that happens it generally immobilizes the car, I simply disconnected the battery for 10 minutes and since then it's been fine.
  5. jordann

    Sun 8th May - Audi A3/S3 - Meet - South

    Here's the only photo I got from Sunday, iPhone quality unfortunately... After hearing you 3 exit the car park on Sunday I'm thinking an S3 is next on the cards... Especially DSG, that early shift pop noise is incredible
  6. jordann

    Sun 8th May - Audi A3/S3 - Meet - South

    It was nice to put a few faces to the usernames :) Shame I couldn't have followed onto the pub and for the drive :( I also must apologise for the state of my car and not parking in line with the others, I spent a good couple of hours on Saturday cleaning it then the rain on Saturday night must...
  7. jordann

    Thanks a bunch pal!

    Gutted to hear about the car :( Someone vandalised mine whilst I was asleep so I know how it feels, especially not to being able to catch the person who's done it. It's called VIN etching and usually makes it harder for thief's to steal and sell on parts although I don't think the 5/6 marking...
  8. jordann

    smokers pack delete

    I'm same as you, scared to touch anything although after reading the below guide it was really.. really simple. You should find everything you need on here;
  9. jordann

    MY09 & MY11 3Door Rear Lights - Part Number - Photos

    @NHN - Do you still sell the MY11 lights?
  10. jordann

    Sun 8th May - Audi A3/S3 - Meet - South

    You had my attention at food... I'm going to try and make an appearance as it's only about half hour/40 minutes from me and I'm going to try dragging my friend with his A3 Sportback out to play.
  11. jordann

    Front plate delete

    I'm not sure if this is any help but have you thought of a flip plate? As the Police are getting hotter on number plates in the front windscreen this might be a solution as if you see them it's just a flick of the button and it's up. I've seen the...
  12. jordann

    Photoshop Request - Quick Colour Change - Suggestions?

    I'm hoping someone here will be able to help me out, as I can't make my mind up. I'm looking for a full refurb on a set of Fat Fives I have and my friends are trying to convince me to change the colour whilst I do it to anthracite grey or a grey of some kind, but my imagination isn't the best so...
  13. jordann

    The Stance Thread

    Here's mine... - AP Coilovers wound all the way down on the front and back - 18" Audi A8 Fat Fives wrapped in 215/40/18's - ET45 / 8.5J - 15mm Hubcentric spacers all round Since this photo the stickers have been removed along with the 'A3' and '2.0TDI' badge...
  14. jordann

    My overdue progress/picture thread: Now with Sprint Blue S3 content

    Hope so, I can't wait to get them on now. A couple of friends have got JOMs and they don't have any complaints but I've heard some pretty good reviews about the AP's. Could I just ask, what size are your wheels and have you still got the helpers in?
  15. jordann

    My overdue progress/picture thread: Now with Sprint Blue S3 content

    After reading your thread and seeing the wheels, this happened... Before anyone comments, the AP coilovers are yet to move from my bedroom to the car.
  16. jordann

    Safe static low to go on 2.0 BKD A3 (Still get over speed bumps)

    Since the coilovers have been fitted he hasn't taken any up close photos but you can just about make out the gap you've still got with a set wound all the down. He hasn't come across any issues with speed bumps or even our local multistory NCP car park.
  17. jordann

    Safe static low to go on 2.0 BKD A3 (Still get over speed bumps)

    My best friend recently bought an A3 Sportback and until he's got his air ride sorted in a couple of months he bought some JOM coilovers. He's got some standard 18's on and the coilovers are wound down as low as they'll go and he doesn't have any issues using it as a daily, even with the...
  18. jordann

    Airbag light after glovebox removal

    Did it not just clear itself when you put it all back together? I'm struggling with my glovebox light not working at the moment so on Saturday afternoon I had the glovebox out to see if I could see what the issue was, halfway through my old man wanted a lift into town so I stuck all my bits in...
  19. jordann

    After market head unit

    You can get an aftermarket head unit to fit just about anything, then get the adapters so they'll work with your Bose sound system. Are you looking for an genuine Audi unit with SatNav or just an aftermarket head unit?