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  1. ronniejack

    Where is the MAF? (1.4 TFSI)

    1.4 has 2 map sensors no maf sensor and the pic ture is a dv valve
  2. ronniejack

    Start/Stop Stopped Working

    yea that's about it lol
  3. ronniejack

    Start/Stop Stopped Working

    if the aircon is on it wont work if the outside temp is higher than inside it wont work basically it works as and when it wont's too lol
  4. ronniejack


    hi every one i have just got a vcds from a member on here can do fault codes excetra no coding as used the last vin but every thing else should be ok am in poplar e14 east london if you need help cheers pete
  5. ronniejack

    Clutch Bypass Harness noisy start up

    are these only for cars without stop start i read it dont work well with stop start cars just a an idea ???
  6. ronniejack

    Options for replacing an airbag on an A3

    he daid its a 2013 so 3 years old lol
  7. ronniejack

    Automatic Folding mirrors stopped working

    mines a 2010 sline a3 and has folding mirrors that fold with the central lock and the button in the arm rest 2010 models should be plug and play but you still need to got into the ecu to switch the option on
  8. ronniejack

    Water leaking in the rear of the car

    every time you open the tailgate it bends the pipe and leaks
  9. ronniejack

    Water leaking in the rear of the car

    check the rear washer pipe it runs on the passenger side into the tailgate
  10. ronniejack

    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    after changing the timing chain kit on my 1.4 tfsi i just changed the chain tensioner for a audi one and it still rattles for 2 seconds from cold after the first start of the day its fine so spoke to audi and the usual they do that don,t they its just ******* me of with the knackered chain it...
  11. ronniejack

    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    fitted a new dv what a diffrence
  12. ronniejack

    New front bumper fitting help

    if you look at second hand bumpers that piece is not there
  13. ronniejack

    New front bumper fitting help

    on some brand new bumpers the middle section is to support the bumper when painting when thats done you have to cut the centre section out
  14. ronniejack

    GFB DV+ vs VTA

    i have just replaced my factory dv for the dv+ what a difference car is so more responsive
  15. ronniejack

    Coolant Leak

    change it no point in damaging your engine
  16. ronniejack

    Passenger Footwell Wet - Door Seal?

    to check thoroughly yes