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  1. peteA3tdi

    service re-set using vag-com

    try this
  2. peteA3tdi

    high pressure fuel pump-take a look at this picture!!

    038 145 209e its a fuel and vacuum pump its at the back of the head and its one of the fuel pumps as well as the vac pump for the brake servo,vnt ect,ect
  3. peteA3tdi

    Copper grease and wheel bolts

    NEVER PUT GREASE OR COOPER SLIP ON WHEEL STUDS OR BOLTS if you do when they heat up they can snap and your wheel will come off
  4. peteA3tdi


    sounds like its just the water from washing the engine burning off ps its not good idea to wash the engine you can do a lot of damage if you get water in the wrong places
  5. peteA3tdi


    check inside the cap and make sure the ruber seal/ring in the middle part is sitting in its ridge and most tdi's won't make a lot of pressure anyway unless there a fault
  6. peteA3tdi

    Oil changes....

    some take 3.6l , its best to start with just over 3l and check the dip stick
  7. peteA3tdi

    Resetting Service indicator

    its been reset to fixed and not longfile, just get the garage to reset it again this time to longlife
  8. peteA3tdi

    help with torx screwdrivers

    30mm or just buy a cheap set
  9. peteA3tdi

    Blown turbo

    are you sure its blown and not just gone into limp mode?
  10. peteA3tdi

    What mileage can you expect from a Tdi? / effects of remap

    if looked after the engine will last well over 300k. the turbo can go at any time its just pot luck it has a very hard life,regular oil changes will help the clutch is down to the driver i've seen cars with over 200k on the same clutch but then you can get an old granny/dear/git that burns the...
  11. peteA3tdi

    Oil Leak on TDi 130

    have a look on top of the cam cover there's an oil breather pipe that joins the intake pipe going from/to the turbo. oil gets in this pipe then into the intake pipe then to the intercooler (have a look at the pipes and you will see oil around the pipes there) then into the egr valve, some oil...
  12. peteA3tdi

    Clutch Problem?

    the clutch master or slave cylinder maybe on its way out, the seals can fail and draw air in
  13. peteA3tdi

    Xenons are plug and play!

    are they???
  14. peteA3tdi

    Xenons are plug and play!

    how can you fail a MOT on non testable items??? i've fitted a after market kit to my car and i do have headlamp washers, how are you going to check for self-leveling? get some fat gits to sit in the back and jump up and down to see if the lamps adjust on there own i don't think so
  15. peteA3tdi

    1.9tdi remap

  16. peteA3tdi

    A4 TDI 60k Service

    service and belt ect £500 max plus any bulbs,brake parts ect ect
  17. peteA3tdi

    Does the 2.5 TDi have a cambelt or Chain?

    all vag belts are now xxx miles or 4 years
  18. peteA3tdi

    130 Tdi Cambelt

    or 4 years