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  1. A3NDY L

    Windscreen wipers sitting too high

    I had my windscreen replaced recently, and now the windscreen wipers sit too high on the windscreen when 'parked'. Is there a way to lower the wipers? This also means that the wipers hit the pillar to to side of the windscreen when at the end of a cycle. I've tried putting them into service mode...
  2. A3NDY L

    Wind deflector

    I have put my old wind deflector on ebay if anyone requires one. Condition is as good as new, absolutely no marks whatsoever.
  3. A3NDY L

    Wind deflector on ebay

    I have put my old wind deflector on ebay if anyone requires one. Condition is as good as new, absolutely no marks whatsoever.
  4. A3NDY L

    Kodak Zx1 Pocket camcorder

    I have just purchased a Kodak Zx1, and I was wondering if there is any way of playing edited movies (already copied to the SD card) through the ZX1 and onto my TV. I know you can play movies you have just filmed on TV, just can't figure out if you can play ones you have edited. Thanks for...
  5. A3NDY L

    Bluetooth handsfree - A4 Cab with RNS-E

    I know, I'd love the OEM bluetooth, but over £300 is steep considering I don't use my car that much, and only do long journeys once every couple of weeks. Plus I can't see me getting the money back when I come to sell the car, whereas I can take the other system out and put it into the next...
  6. A3NDY L

    Bluetooth handsfree - A4 Cab with RNS-E

    I've had a look at these clip ones, but im looking for a more integrated system. With the Parrot ck3200, where did you put the little screen? and also, are you not worried about someone thinking its special and trying to steal it? Can it play music through the ipod, it doesn't say anything...
  7. A3NDY L

    Bluetooth handsfree - A4 Cab with RNS-E

    Does anyone know any bluetooth handsfree kits out there that are compatable with the RNS-E and iphone? I like the look of some 'Parrot' systems, especially the MKi9100, that can stream music from another source aswell as connect to an iphone, but will they work properly? I can't find a...
  8. A3NDY L

    For a laugh!

    Is this real? I can't actually believe it, took me ages to read the first line! His dad must definately be his brother/uncle and grandfather if you catch my drift...
  9. A3NDY L

    Help me choose one of these.....?

    I wouldn't go for the Nissan, I've played around with the idea of a 350z. I love the pace of the thing, but the cabin and build quility is nowhere near that of the germans. Personally, I like the M3, but I wouldn't buy one. I know they are one of the best drivers cars, but a bit too chav for...
  10. A3NDY L

    2.5 v6 tdi?

    sorry, mines manual, and its only done 26k. not alot of help from me on this one
  11. A3NDY L

    Audi A4 Cabriolet 1.8T Advice

    I've just got the 2.5tdi Cab, and I'm getting around 44mpg on the motorway and around 33mpg around town, but I do rag it around town. I'm pretty happy with that when you think how heavy the Cabrio is and how heavy the tdi engine is aswell. I'm thinking about a remap, but I don't know what the...
  12. A3NDY L

    2.5 v6 tdi?

    I've got the Cabriolet version...
  13. A3NDY L

    Pulled by police on the way back from service

    Well we rang the insurance broker, and they had no idea, so we rang Zurich, and they still had no idea, but within the terms of the insurance it says any car owned or leased to the company is insured. Which covers me, luckily. so got to keep the car. on the database thing, it still sayd its not...
  14. A3NDY L

    Pulled by police on the way back from service

    Its a company fleet policy.
  15. A3NDY L

    Pulled by police on the way back from service

    No I don't mind. Well i'll see how it goes tomorrow. If it turns out that i haven't been insured then it'll go to court, and then it should all be the insurers fault. I just can't understand having a cover sheet, but no insurance. I'm bricking it now though, because if it is MY companies fault...
  16. A3NDY L

    Pulled by police on the way back from service

    Just had my serviced today no problems, just needs a brake fluid change at some point. Cost me £300 which I thought was resonable. I had just driven my dad's office where I work (and the car is registered/insured), and could see police flashing me from behind. So I pulled over and he tells me I...
  17. A3NDY L

    Speeding fine

    ye, i think I'm going to try and drag it out as long as possible now. Had some more bad news today - but I'll write another thread to tell you all about it!
  18. A3NDY L

    Interior mods

    ye that looks good. more expensive than i thought it would be. is that all i need? just plug it into the back of the nav and plug the ps2 into that?
  19. A3NDY L

    Speeding fine

    I thought that aswell, but this sheet is seperate to the NIP, and says clearly under the instructions of how to fill the NIP in, that the next step is for me is to recieve "a Conditional offer of fixed penalty". it then goes on to say that "The Conditional Offer gives you the oppertunity to pay...
  20. A3NDY L

    Speeding fine

    well this is still going on. I sent the first NIP back with a change of address, and I'm just about to send it back again, as my address has changed again. I heard that you can claim its against your human rights after 6months of pestering? is this true? Also i got a FAQ sheet with the NIP, and...