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  1. john2garden

    Another MP's Expenses

    What about this for a story - This woman has claimed £25k for home security with our tax payers money? When will it ever end? :sign_omg:
  2. john2garden

    Dealers on Merseyside

    You won't be disappointed I took my old A4 there a few times and was impressed with their service. As soon as my Leon is out of warranty I will be taking it there.
  3. john2garden

    Dealers on Merseyside

    Qr sport in Tattenhall get my recommendation -
  4. john2garden

    Good way to advertise a car!

    Just seen this on Pistonheads How funny is that!
  5. john2garden

    2008 Audi A3 8L by RDX Racedesign

    He's a spammer by the look of what else he is posting.
  6. john2garden

    Picked up my new car today

    Sold my A4 yesterday was sorry to see it go, and I picked this up today. Well chuffed so far drives really nice and handles great too. Thought I would share some pictures - Spec is 2.0 tdi 170 FR Cruise Heated Seats Bluetooth Ipod connection Sunroof Adaptive Headlights Only thing it...
  7. john2garden

    broadband advise

    I've just moved to sky and got a package with my TV saving myself £20 per month. You get a Netgear wireless router with it too. So far so good.
  8. john2garden

    Need some advice

    Fair point, I was not slagging the Irish I was just a bit cautious that's all. Anyway the guy seems genuine and says he is coming over on Thursday/Friday so fingers crossed will sell it!
  9. john2garden

    Need some advice

    No he's thinking about it. Apparently doing some Checks etc. first. He's from Ireland so am a bit wary. Probably be fine but you never know do you?
  10. john2garden

    Need some advice

    Hello chaps, I have currently got my car up for sale and a guy is really interested. However, he wants me to send him the vin number and also the reg because he wants to do checks on it. I am a bit worried about him cloning my car but perhaps I am being to over cautious. What do you lot think?
  11. john2garden

    Petrol A4 Avant or Diesel A4 Avant???

    Best I have had in mine is 640 miles to a tank. That was on just motorways. Normal day to day stuff would probably get 550 + It may cost £70.00 plus to fill and be more expensive but if you think about the price difference between Diesel and Petrol - Diesel is about £1.13 per litre, Petrol is...
  12. john2garden

    to go white???

    Alfa have just released this. White is this seasons colour apparently!
  13. john2garden

    rac polisher

    The Cables too short and the Motor burns out really quickly. Mine lasted one pollishing session. apart from that its really good!!
  14. john2garden

    Porter Cable for sale over on This looks like a decent buy, the complete kit from Autopia and the 110v already fitted.
  15. john2garden

    Watch out for the Cowboys.

    I realize now that you do have issues. Just seemed a bit strange for a 1st post and all that. You are correct people need to inform people of their experiences when it comes to things like these. In a lot of cases someone will little knowledge visiting a tuner for the first time and may be...
  16. john2garden

    Watch out for the Cowboys.

    Think Its a bit strange 1st post on a forum and you slag off a tuner. Sounds a bit fishy to me.
  17. john2garden

    Alternatives to the A3 3.2

    You can get GTA's for decent prices now. This has got to be the best colour ever - :hubbahubba:
  18. john2garden

    johnson baby shampoo...

    You can use it because its PH neutral which is good for paintwork. Ive used Lynx shower gel on mine in the past and it worked really well. It did smell nice but I didn't manage to pull any birds with it.
  19. john2garden

    Project B5 RS4 Sedan...

    Looks amazing, colour is perfect!
  20. john2garden

    How's this for a dilema!!?

    Can you not get in the boot?