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  1. mcfc1987

    Wax for dummies

    no-one washes my car but me, the products aren't the issue, its what is used to apply them, the care people take with jewelry on, belts, zips etc
  2. mcfc1987

    I think I might have and ea189 engine!

    I'm more bothered about how far this will go with the current investigations and how much damage it will do to diesel re sales I am not bothered about emissions, I bought the car for the balance of power and economy. Couldn't care less about how many baby animals die when I put my foot down
  3. mcfc1987

    Poorboys products anyone using....

    You won't easily remove swirls by hand, black hole is a glaze that hides the swirls and is very good
  4. mcfc1987

    How much snow foam?

    From past experience I find citrus degreaser better than any snow foam and I know plenty of pro retailers agree. Snow foam looks good but isn't the best thing out there
  5. mcfc1987

    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

    Not posted for a while as we have some building work kicking off, as such the car has been neglected, first wash for around 3 weeks
  6. mcfc1987

    De-Chrome wrap - tell me I'm being too picky?

    The scratch would have me livid, the wrap would annoy me. I would go back, I would expect them to re-do it till your happy and put you right with a machine polish to remove the scratch. If they don't offer paint correction they will know someone who can
  7. mcfc1987


    If your looking at coilovers for around £300 then they are going to be crap. Keep your stock dampers and get some decent springs, eibach sportline lower 40mm over standard and are around £180
  8. mcfc1987

    New A4 black edition

    Looks familiar lol
  9. mcfc1987

    Black badges

    No chance, I've tried and given up for now, when the car gets revo'd and lowered I will be getting them to do it
  10. mcfc1987

    Show Us Your Beading Shots

  11. mcfc1987

    Satin BBS CH-R wheels - clean and protect?

    Mine are a matte/satin type alloy, I use gyeon q2m iron, it's not a wheel cleaner but is an iron fall out remover so dissolves brake dust easily. For protection I use auto fitnesse mint rims, goes on like a really soft wax, one application (2 coats) has lasted a month so far. Once it's on just a...
  12. mcfc1987

    Daytona grey A4

    Love the rain, but I need a better camera
  13. mcfc1987

    Stage 2 tune on order.

    Lucky you, I'm still waiting for Revo to develope a stage one tune for the engine in mine let alone stage 2
  14. mcfc1987

    Black badges

    These As posted a few times in this thread already, they come with adhesive already applied so super easy
  15. mcfc1987

    Black badges

    There is no chance that the front will come off without bumper removal, as I was 50/50 on the fronts it's made the decision for me. Front will remain standard. Rear is sorted though
  16. mcfc1987

    Carista App

    Evening all, do you plug in the adapter and start the app with the engine running?
  17. mcfc1987

    Previous to your A4

    So, as the title says, let's see your journey to your current A4 This was my first car after passing my test, decent first car 1.9tdi nippy for a young one My love affair of French hatches then started and I went to Gti6's/ralleys for a few years This was my baby, 250bhp, absolutely flew...
  18. mcfc1987

    Black badges

    I think I'm going for black rear and silver front, with it getting lowered and windows tinted in the next few weeks it will already have an aggressive look. Think the blacked out front will be a bit of overkill
  19. mcfc1987

    Black badges

    Currently undecided