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    A3 8L LOW with 18's Pics!

    Hi there heres my a3 1.8t droped on fk coilovers + adjustable drop links the dampening are fixed (non adjustable) The setup is firm but comfortable.I fitted them back in may this year and had no problems running Ascarl Cuervo 18s with 215/40/18 summer wheels. now the weather geting bad and being...
  2. C4SLK

    Has anyone tried the N75 upside down?

    Hi there one of my mates done this (fitted the N75 valve upside down) on a mk4 golf 1.8t ,it boosted alot higher but afew days later he had a warning light on the dash so i didnt try it out on my a3 1.8t. I found that Awesome gti sale a ECS race N75 frequency valve for VAG 1.8t car , Average...
  3. C4SLK

    Gauges playing up....

    Hi there, ive got the same problem with the clocks in my a3 1.8t flutter up & down fast. Ive owned my a3 for a year now and has always done this ,all needles jump to there levels after 10 - 15 sec Would be nice to fix .,if anyone nos ? thanks
  4. C4SLK

    Caliper Colour...?

    WHOOPS.. just slipped. Anyway, As i was going to say, I'v always found red to be my favourite. But depends on the alloys... Here's a pic of my A3 1.8t With 312mm S3 Brakes and new alloys
  5. C4SLK

    Caliper Colour...?

    Hi there...
  6. C4SLK

    Screech on start up

    Hi , i have the same annoying problem with my a3 1998 1.8t that 2sec screech sound on starting,but it alway starts 1st time.Was going to buy new starter motor but wasnt sure if that was the problem, i thought i was over cranking the engine by holding the ignition key to much, may be ignition...
  7. C4SLK

    Mk1 Golf

    Heres my baby owned for 10 years, bought when i was 18. Mk1 GTI 8v Sportline Edition Cabriolet, Sportline Recaro Interior, full electrics, no power steering (how it should be), fitted with 280mm Corrado brake setup with rear disc conversion, a few tweaks under the hood and exterior, standard...
  8. C4SLK

    Need help identifying

    My A3 is a 1998 1.8t sport ive changed the headlights was 2peace i put chrome angle eyes with 6000k hids. Also just fitted new rear lights to day had s3 style now M3 style with leds sidelights and led brake lights.Next weekend coilcovers to be fitted wish i didnt have work on monday or ill be...
  9. C4SLK

    Need help identifying

    Hi i have owned my A3 1.8T a few months now, it has Avantgarde Audi Individual badge on the front grille which is not usual 1.8t grille, and Avantgarde 17 inch wheels. Havent seen any on the road or anywhere else so was wondering if anyone has seen any or has any information whether this is a...
  10. C4SLK

    HID Upgrade

    Before i bought my angel eye lights i thougth the same as you.. The company i bought them from said Only there hid kits are ok to use with angle light because of the heat :blahblah1:but there kits are £160.00 +vat. because i had run a set of hids in my vw golf mk2 with crystal and not had any...
  11. C4SLK

    HID Upgrade

    I was going to fit my a3 pre-face lift lights with hids but then i bougth a set of angle eye style lights and fitted 6000k and 12000k in my fogs. also had 6000k hid in my vw mk2 gti i could see everthing After driving a car with h.i.ds ,its hard to drive cars without (keep check that the...
  12. C4SLK

    Help needed with a3 1.8t

    Im Looking 4 a dump valve from my 20v 18T (engine code AGU) and what is the best air filter Bmc/ k&m ?? Does anyone know where i can get a air vent gauge/pod holder a3 8l 1998 Thanks C4 SLK
  13. C4SLK

    Audi A3 – S3 Bumper Conversion Parts & Part Numbers

    gonr start work on the body in the next few weeks. im waiting for my 12000k HID kit to come for the fogs :rock: Im running 6000K in my headlights. The hunt still gos on for a roofspoiler. Your A3 Looks heavy, you running coilovers??
  14. C4SLK

    Audi A3 – S3 Bumper Conversion Parts & Part Numbers

    Hi ive just got a s3 bumper for my a3 ,i was told it would have gaps and not look right. dose anyone have a wheel arch photod of the bumper and wing?